Interview with Clémentine Desseaux

Clem Gif Hi To say that we adore model Clémentine Desseaux would be an understatement. First of all, she doesn’t take a bad photo - just look at our Instagram pics or lookbooks for proof. She’s also so much fun on set, has great off-duty style, and is an incredible cook. She even created jars of Sweet Clementine jam for the attendees of our launch breakfast. What’s not to love?

Since working with her was such a blast and her personal style is on point, we asked her to pick out her favorite pieces from the site so we could share them with you. While we were getting to know her better, she let us in on how she got her start, the best ways to stay looking & feeling great, plus her journey to self love.

ELOQUII: How were you discovered?

Clementine: I sent some vacation photos to a local agency in Paris and they called me back.

E: What do you enjoy most about your job?

C: I always wanted a fashion-related job that would allow me to travel around the world and meet new people. I wanted to work hard while having fun and do something out of the ordinary. I wanted a career that makes you say ‘WOW, this is my life…’ every morning, and I think I found it. I just never thought it could be a real full time job, but it happened!

E: If you weren’t modeling, what would you be doing instead?

C: Although I studied international marketing for five years, being in an office never suited me. I would probably be running a cute, stylish little cafe somewhere in New York. I’d wear adorable aprons to serve my homemade food and drink rosé while chatting with customers.

E: How would you describe your off-duty style?

C: Simple and comfy, but edgy with a twist.

E: Looking good is just one part of your job. What beauty must-haves do you rely on to keep you looking camera-ready?

C: I don’t use many products, but there are a few ways that I make sure I’m always at my best. Sleep is my best friend! I need eight hours minimum a night to feel well-rested. I also exercise regularly, around five times a week. Eating right is important, so I eat my veggies and drink lots of water. After using the steam room and sauna almost every day, I use coconut butter on my body and lip balm to make sure that I’m always hydrated and soft.

E: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

C: Growing up, my mum always told me “aimes toi et la vie t’aimeras“, which means "love yourself and life will love you back”. Self love is something that takes a whole lifetime to achieve needs to be worked on daily to be, and remain, happy.

Can’t get enough Clementine? We can’t either! Keep checking back because we’ve got a lot more from her to share, including her favorite tunes and fashion tips. Until then, bonne journée!