Plus Size Fashion Tips From Clémentine Desseaux

She charmed you in our interview, and now model Clémentine Desseaux is passing all of the tips and tricks she’s picked up on set onto you. Here are her plus size fashion tips:

ELOQUII: What are your three must-have items? 

Clementine: Cute flats, a chic blazer, comfy heels, and a big smile!

E: Do you have any style rules?

C: Fashion shouldn’t have rules, that’s what’s so fun about it!

E: What tricks have you learned from working with stylists on set? 

C: Lots! All the secrets to cuffing boyfriend jeans, the mysteries of making a shirt necklace become longer, the art of pinning - I’m learning more and more every day!

E: What do you do if a look isn’t working?

C: People try too hard to follow “the trend.” If a piece doesn’t fit you, replace it with one that flatters your figure.

E: You travel so much for work! What are you always sure to include?

C: Gym & yoga clothes; a swimsuit never leaves my carry on; a mini pharmacy - my mum taught me to think about every thing that could possibly happen, always; a comfy sweater, because when you’re traveling alone it makes you feel homey and snuggly.