A Conversation On Style: Georgette and Jeniese

If you follow plus size fashion at all, you’ve gotta know Georgette from Grown and Curvy Woman and Jeniese from The Je ne sais quoi. Even though they’re hundreds of miles apart - Georgette is in Pensylvania and Jeniese is in Alabama - you’d think they were best friends living on the same block. Their enthusiasm is infectious on their blogs, Instagram, and Twitter, and we just had to find out where that passion comes from. Introducing our new interview feature, A Conversation On Style, where we select two amazing customers and ask them to chat with one another on style. Here’s what Jeniese and Georgette had to say! When did you embrace your style?

Georgette: I didn’t start embracing my style until I was 40. That is when I realized plus size women could be chic, polished and well put together. I also began experimenting with colors, styles and different clothing shapes that I had stayed away from.

Jeniese: When I was 12 my mom had my clothes made to make sure I had the same clothes as everyone else. Since then Ive always pushed the envelope with my personal style. I remember at that age wearing leggings, baby doll dresses and floral crowns because I wanted to be a hippie! In college, I went through a “fashion repression” due to lack of clothing options but I broke out of it in my late 20s.

Jeniese in our Citron Midi Skirt

Who brought you out of your shell?

Georgette: I accidentally discovered plus size blogger, Gabi Fresh, in a Glamour magazine and that is when I started to come out of my shell. Up until then I followed the usual “style” expert advice and stuck to all of the constrictive rules that they put out for plus size women.  After I discovered the plus size blogging community I was open to new ideas and style.

Jeniese: I give credit to my mom because she never let me get in the shell to begin with.  My mom never discouraged me from expressing myself through fashion.  She is very fashionable and she instilled a love of fashion in me.

Do you feel like you have a signature style?

Georgette: I have accepted that I am a skirt person. I love them! I also love a great separate. I like a simple chic style.

Jeniese:  Girly, chic…I like a little bit of edge with some classic thrown in.  I really love fashion!

Are there styles you won’t wear?

Georgette: Harem pants are not my friends. I don’t like anything that bunches up around my ankles. There are some things that just don’t work for me and I understand that.

Jeniese: I will not wear frumpy clothing.  Frumpy means ill fitting to me. Khaki pants are an example of that.  I’m not a fan of the frumpy look.

What about colors you won’t wear?

Georgette: I am not a fan of beige or neutral looks on me. Not unless it’s my shoes.

Jeniese: I will not wear light purples (ex. lavender, lilac) because I just don't like it on me.  I feel like they bring out the worst part of my skin.

How does something catch your eye when you’re shopping?

Georgette: An item has to be unique to catch my eye. In such a concentrated market like the plus size market I like things that are different. Like when I saw the wine faux leather ELOQUII skirt, I thought that’s different! And it’s in a great color. It’s really hard to find that type of uniqueness.

Jeniese: Uniqueness…I don’t want to look like everyone else.  I want my clothes to fit and feel right on me.

Biggest style compliment? 

Georgette: When someone can recognize my style and pick out a look or item that is so me. It symbolizes that I am staying true to my style and not trying a bunch of trends. That is a really big compliment to me.

Jeniese: When people can recognize my style is a compliment.  Once I went I went to dinner with friends and one of my friends had just had gastric bypass.  Someone at the table mentioned my blog and she said “If I had seen your blog before I had surgery, I would’ve never had surgery"  That blew me away!

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