Stripes! Break the Fashion Rules

We love stripes! And we know that some of you love stripes as much as we do because we see your smiling faces wearing them on #XOQ. But sometimes we see comments from women who are afraid to wear stripes, based on traditional style rules about horizontal lines and optical illusions (yawn). We reached out to a few of our favorite stripe-loving bloggers and asked if they could share their point of view on the the subject:

Carletta from a loved life - “Because stripes are a foundation. They can be worn said in a simple/chic way or used effectively to mix patterns. Also, not all stripes make you look wider and even then? So what, who cares? ”

Georgette from Grown and Curvy Woman - “I think this is such a good question! I love horizontal stripes because it instantly adds chic to any outfit.  Stripes go with everything and are a great starting point if you are new to pattern mixing.  Honestly I could care less about "fashion rules” because they make women feel like they should conform and feel bad about their bodies. They don’t wear stripes in fear someone is going to make a disparaging remark.  Which is sad because 99% of the time people are too busy with their own lives to care about what you are wearing! So I proudly rock my stripes in hopes another PS woman will feel inspired to do the same!“

Jeniese from The Je ne sais quoi - "I have a few feels on this subject as a lover ofstripes. First of all who made it up this stupid rule? Must have been the same person who thinks all plus size women should be draped in pastel floral prints (not that I don’t love floral prints). Stripes are by far one of the chicest and best ways to make a more fashionable look. They add so much to a simple jeans, t-shirt and jacket look. Stripes are amazing and it’s a shame that some many women are misguided into thinking that you should wear vertical stripes for a more flattering look!  Buck style rules and what other people think! Wear what you want! ”

Sandra from La Pecosa Preciosa - “I used to totally live by that rule for many years but when I started following PS bloggers and seeing how confident they were in anything they wore, it sparked a flame in me. Not only to start my own blog but to step out the box and be more daring with what I wore. I love stripes (as you well know) and I will wear them in any design or color I can get my hands on. The myth about them making you look bigger is a load of hokum! Everyone should wear stripes, they are fun and add such a  great look to any outfit. You can rock them for the office, casually, or even for a night on the town for a touch of chic-ness. Stripes of any color combo are super eye catching as well. I know my eyes are immediately drawn to anyone wearing stripes. It amazes me how many women still live by this crazy rule about horizontal stripes, that’s why I think PS bloggers are so important to getting rid of these silly PS stereotypes. I know I will continue to do this, one horizontal stripe at a time.”

BlogKelly Goldston