Fast Company: 2015's Most Innovative Brands

For us, work doesn't feel like work. We wake up excited to see your comments, read your emails, and talk to you on the phone. We want to know how you feel, what you think, and what you love because giving you fashion, and we mean real fashion, is what we love most.  As Lady Gaga said, we’re on the right track baby, we were born this way!

When we relaunched, never did we imagine that Fast Company would name us one of the 10 Most Innovative Style Companies of 2015. We asked some of the team who fought to bring us back, affectionately called ELOQUII 2.0, how they felt being called innovative:

Mariah Chase, CEO: “Excited! Motivated.  Our innovation is up for the consumer to decide but in my POV, our difference is that our perspective on the merchandise and the customer is fashion first.  We’re a fashion brand.  We’re obsessive about the merchandise and the presentation.  What’s next?  Well, one things for sure, we’ll take our cue from the customer.”

Jodi Arnold, Creative Director & Vice President of Design: “I would have never dreamed of being a co-founder of a fashion company that would be included in a list with some of these names.  I think what is innovative is putting aside any preconceived notions about a group or their shopping behavior and taking the risk that the numbers won’t make "sense”.  I also think that bringing a sense of community to this group and allowing them to truly be apart of the fashion conversation (with a brand) in a way that they have not been before is also innovative.“

Julie Carnevale, Vice President of Merchandising: "If listening to the customer is innovative, then why aren’t all companies doing this?  We LOVE our customer.  She is our boss.  What she says goes.  That is the formula!”

Steve Zawada, COO: It is a humbling experience to be on a list with companies like Instagram and Etsy…  and we are only one year old! Our business model is simple, we deliver fashion to an underserved demographic.  We will continue to offer premium quality fashion merchandise at a sharp price.

This one’s going down in the record books, for sure!

5x5Kelly Goldston