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We’ve been keeping a really big secret from you! Last year, the one & only Stacy London (of What Not To Wear fame) asked us to be part of her new show Love, Lust, or Run. Stacy is in the driver’s seat this time, helping women with unconventional style achieve their dreams through reinvention. Think of it as makeunders with a purpose!

We watched all the tv magic happen, from Stacy’s signature one-liners, style expertise, and all of the behind-the-scenes production. Our episode airs tonight at 9:30pm EST on TLC, making for the best Friday night ever. Join us on Twitter during the episode at @ELOQUII with #LoveLustRun so we can watch the show together! 

It’s impossible not to want to ask Stacy a million questions when you’re around her, but these five made the cut. We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know her just as much as we have!

ELOQUII: The women you’ve worked with this season have seriously bold style, and you help them create more polished, approachable looks. Any tips for getting outside our comfort zone? Stacy: You have to feel uncomfortable to get outside your comfort zone.  I know that sounds obvious to say but I mean REALLY uncomfortable, physically and psychologically.  And you have to sit with that discomfort.  You have to tolerate it before you can actually start to feel something else, something that feels more transformational.  Change is scary but LETTING yourself be scared, letting go of all the preconceptions you have about yourself and trying something entirely new is ultimately so freeing.  You can be whoever you want to be.  Generally I find that the things you have LEAST of in your closet, be it dresses, skirts, pants are the items you’re most in need of.  We gravitate towards the same things we think work.  And that is how one falls into a style rut.

E: Tailoring and proportion are so important! How can we see beyond the “hanger appeal” and imagine how a piece might fit after slight alterations? S: Honestly, the only way to see past hanger appeal is to try everything ON and to KNOW YOUR OWN BODY.  If you understand your body’s geometry, you’ll be able to see the cuts that best suit you and when you try something on that almost fits the bill and does not feel like an extensive OR expensive alteration, then you’re there.

E: If we played in your closet, what might we be surprised to find? S: Oh my, let’s see.  There’s the black spandex backless catsuit, the onesie union jack pjs, the drop crotch cashmere onesie that I wear with a gold sequin jacket and crazy high heels when I’m feeling daring, and my dinosaur tshirt from The Museum of Natural History.  THAT shirt isn’t going anywhere.

E: The ELOQUII team loves a good 90s throwback jam. What’s your favorite? S: You mean fashion or music?  Because I still hate square shoes, anything Meg Ryan wore in a film, brown lipstick.  Though I do remain ambivalent about grunge.  I loved it and hated it.  If you are talking about music, I was never really into anything in the 90s that strikes me as memorable.  Wait, maybe Annie Lennox’ version of Waiting in Vain, Mary J Blige’s album What’s the 411 and the track You Remind Me, and TLC’s Red Light Special AND Kriss Kross’ Jump, House of Pain’s Jump  and Black Sheep THIS OR THAT.  Were ANY of those from the 90s?  It’s all a blur at my age.

E: Where do you look for style inspiration? Do you have any favorite editors/vloggers/bloggers/stylists/Instagram hashtags, etc? S: Sarah Conley, Cannon Hodge, Eva Chen, Erica Domesek, Kara Welch, Arianne Phillips, Erica Bearman, Cherrybombe Magazine, Roseark, Lonny Magazine, DKNYPRGirl, Kristen Kish, James Demolet, Giovanni Bianco, Rainer Judd, Christine Barbarich, Jen Bekman, Stella Bugbee, BonAppetit, white_lightening, Sara Zucker and Jane Larkworthy.  I could go on forever here.  But style inspration can come from a shell, a rock, a branch, a breeze.  Inspiration comes from what your mind is ready to process and REALLY see or see in a new way.  Some days I’m more inspired by people’s kindness, dedication and loyalty more than an item of clothing, an outfit, a great Instagram with all the right filters, or a lipstick.  Then again, some days it’s ALL about red lipstick.  Look I’m a Gemini.  Ask these questions, you’ll get these answers.

Thank you so much, Stacy! Follow her on Instagram & Twitter for more style wisdom. Come back on Monday where we’ll be chatting with Nicole, the woman on the receiving end of Stacy’s wisdom, all about her style journey!

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