Love, Lust, Run

Did you catch Stacy London’s new show, Love, Lust or Run, last Friday night? We helped her to create a new look for Nicole, a retro-inspired makeup artist from Pennsylvania. One of our favorite moments was when Stacy asked her to go try on pants (their banter is hilarious), which we promptly uploaded to YouTube.

We loved Nicole’s bright spirit, sense of humor, and affinity for color so much that we knew we had to catch up with her after the episode aired.

ELOQUII: How did you get involved with Love, Lust or Run? Why did you turn to Stacy London for help?

Nicole: In less than 5 years, I gained 80 lbs. It happened so fast, that each day was like waking up in a different body. Pinup was my savior. This is a community that is so accepting of women of all sizes. I love the eras, I love the style…plus I work in the industry, so it was a natural progression. I found that if I was not in full blown retro, I was in sweats and tees. I needed a good in between for this new body. And Stacy London was just the person for the job!

E: What have you been up to since the taping of the show? 

Wow, I have done so much since the show filmed. Most recently, I did makeup for two New York Fashion Week shows for designers Nina Athanasiou and Berenik representing NUEvolution Cosmetics. I worked on the Spring 2015 catalog for Sourpuss. I was lead MUA for the feature film The Lost Within. I have made over tons of ladies into pinups for some great confidence building shoots. All this, and my regular job as in house MUA for Retro Lovely Magazine! I have been a busy girl.

E: Has any of Stacy’s style advice stuck with you? If so, what in particular? 

One of the most important things that I learned from Stacy is that you will never know if you do not try. I am so much more open to different silhouettes now. I have learned that something being form fitting does not necessarily make you look larger. There are some great designers, like Eloquii, that design with a plus size figure in mind. Finding designs like yours means that I can dress great, the same as any woman. So often plus size clothing is terribly matronly. Designers like you let curvy girls rock!

E: What did you love the most about your final look from the show? 

I love that my look retained the classic lines that I look for in vintage styles. Stacy was able to keep my look vintage inspired, enough so that I would feel comfortable at any retro event. The slimmer style lines gave me back a waist! It was a modern, polished look that I can take pride in anywhere!

E: What did you learn from the experience? Any style tips or words of wisdom to pass on?

Since the show aired last night I have had total strangers contact me, thanking me for being an inspiration. Hearing from gals like this just solidifies what I believe…this is the skin we are in, so we might as well love it. Celebrate you, whether you are a 2 or a 22. Beauty is not defined by a number. The most beautiful women I know are the most confident, and that confidence shines through in a way that lets the world know that you are ok with you, and to hell with what they might think. If just one person can feel better about themselves because they heard my voice, then it was all worth it.

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