Happy Birthday to Us!

Hey hey hey - it’s our birthday! We are officially one year old today. Can you believe it?!

Little did we know that when we brought Kelly Goldston on board as our Director of Marketing, that we’d also be blessed with a modern day Martha Stewart. She’s a Pinterest-loving, flaxen haired domestic goddess, so naturally when it came time for us to celebrate our first birthday, we knew she was the one who should bring our cake to life. Here’s the story of its creation, directly from our CBIC (chief baker in charge):

If there’s one thing I love, it’s birthdays! I’ve been known to go overboard for my own birthday a time or two (murder mystery parties, sabering a magnum of champagne, etc.), so I’ve been super-excited to celebrate ELOQUII’s first birthday on February 20th. First order of business: THE CAKE!

To make this super-fun pink ombre cake, I used a white cake recipe, divided it into 5 parts, mixed in varying degrees of pink food coloring, and baked in 6” round pans.

The 6” pans hold about ½ as much batter as a regular 9” round pan, so any recipe that normally makes two round layers (including boxed cake mixes) should yield five modest 6” layers. The cake recipe I used was on the generous side and actually made six 6” layers – the unused layer is waiting in my freezer for our next dinner party!

If it survives that long. #realtalk

Once you mix your batter, separate it into five bowls and add in varying amounts of food coloring. I recommend mixing your lightest and darkest layers first so you have benchmarks of where the other shades should land. Go light with the food coloring – you can always add more, but you can’t take any away! Grease your pans generously with butter and flour, then bake the layers three at a time. Mine took exactly 30 minutes to bake three layers at 350 degrees.

Let layers cool in pans for 10 minutes, then remove, wrap in plastic wrap and pop into the freezer. Once the layers are chilled (about 30 mins in the freezer), unwrap them and use a bread knife to cut straight across the top, removing the “dome” so you have a perfectly flat cake. Now you can ice the cake, starting with the darkest layer at the bottom and working your way up. Try to keep the icing and layers as even as possible to get the best look! Once you’re ready to serve, I recommend slicing the cake with a big sharp knife, positioning it over the top of the cake and pushing straight down in one even movement. This will help keep your layers looking gorgeous on the plate!

For the frosting, Kelly used this buttercream recipe. Yum!

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