Sad to Say Goodbye to our Social Media Intern

This week we say goodbye to our social media intern, Shannon. She’s a student at Barnard studying psychology, Vice President of PR & Marketing for her sorority and an avid reader of Nicolette Mason (naturally). We had the joy of getting to know her over the past two semesters, and let’s just say she’s quick, thoughtful, and excited about the future of plus size fashion. Before she left, we asked her to share five things she learned while working at ELOQUII, and here’s what she had to say:

1. There’s no such thing as too many free fit samples (of clothing, of course). To provide the best fit for customers, the technical design team alters clothing samples on a fit model. Sometimes, to get the best fit, they go through two, three, or even four fit samples. After the team is finished with these samples, they are either donated or claimed by the ELOQUII team. Even if they’re crazy colors, drawn on, or ripped apart, sometimes your heart just needs to see a full closet of what’s to come (in your next ELOQUII shipment, of course.)

2. ELOQUII knows good food. Whether it’s tacos from Tacombi, chicken from Dirty Bird, or the most delicious pastries from City Bakery, the ELOQUII team has figured out where the best eating spots in the city are and generously shares the knowledge.

3. Pinterest can actually be a totally fulfilling activity, both career-wise and fun-wise. My main role this semester was maintaining our Pinterest page. I loved trying to find and sort images that would resonate with the customer, but it was also super fun to look at ELOQUII’s lovely clothing all day (no shame.)

4. Bree Warren is probably the most adorable/beautiful human. That’s all I have to say about that.

5. You will never find a team as inspiring, hardworking, or passionate as the team at ELOQUII. These ladies truly care about their customers and will stop at nothing to make her happy. From taking customer service concerns via social media 24/7, to asking me, a lowly intern, about my thoughts on design and fit, the ELOQUII team is 100% dedicated to providing a perfect product and experience. Seeing the clothes on ELOQUII’s website before I started my internship gave me hope for the future of plus-sized fashion. Working with the team and seeing how they interact with customers has given me an actual glimpse into the future of plus—and I can promise that it’s great (and sparkly and hopefully everything you’ve always dreamed.)

We hope Shannon will take a piece of the ELOQUII spirit with her into her new internship (those lucky ducks). If you’re interested in interning with us, send us your resume & a sparkling cover letter to!

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