Our Marketing VP is getting married!

When we’re not drooling over the latest samples from the design team, we’re totally transfixed by every perfect detail of Kelly G’s upcoming wedding. As our Director of Marketing, she’s diving deep into spreadsheets and analytics, but as bride-to-be, she’s creating the most perfect fairy tale romance dreamland. Since there’s nothing more romantic than springtime, she was an easy choice as the star of our latest editorial. Her answers to these six questions will make you fall in love with her, too.

What drew you to work for ELOQUII?

I was a customer and a huge fan of ELOQUII before I worked here, and as of last spring I was running marketing for a brand under the Amazon umbrella. Our creative director Jodi noticed that I had made a large return, so she reached out to me as a customer and asked me to share some feedback on my order. I was thrilled to speak with the designer behind my favorite brand, so I got on a call with her and answered her questions about fit, quality, things I like and don’t like, etc. Then she found out what I do for a living, and next thing I knew I was joining the team to lead marketing! I’ve been plus size most of my adult life, so what ELOQUII is doing to bring fast fashion to plus size women really strikes a chord with me. This is the most passionate I’ve ever been about a job, because I not only identify with our customers – I AM our customer!

How would you describe your personal style?

In a word, “ladylike.” My style icon is Kate Middleton, if that tells you anything!

What’s one staple piece you couldn’t live without?

I don’t know if this technically counts as a staple, but I have about a half-dozen ELOQUII fit and flare dresses that I wear all the time! It’s such a feminine, flattering silhouette that I find myself reaching for it at least twice a week. Part of what I loved about this photo shoot was that I was (gently) pushed out of my comfort zone and tried a few new silhouettes which I ended up adoring.

We (obviously) love your cooking! (See our posts featuring Kelly’s awesome recipes here and here.) What got you into cooking and what’s the best dish you've ever made?

Ha! My fiance will laugh when he reads this, because the secret is…he’s actually the chef between the two of us! I love baking because it’s all about precision and attention to detail, but cooking actual meals is beyond the scope of my kitchen competence. The best thing I’ve ever made is probably my homemade coffee Oreo ice cream. The ice cream base is a coffee custard, then I like to add half the crushed Oreos before I churn (so they get all crumbly and flavor the ice cream base) and add the other half after I churn (so they stay big and chunky). You can see that I’ve put a lot of thought into this.

What trend are you dying to try this summer?

TULLE SKIRTS!! I mean…tulle skirts. Trying to stay calm about it. No big deal.

Who’s your favorite plus-size fashion blogger and why?

How awesome is it that there are too many to choose from?! I will say that I’m mildly obsessed with Crystal of SometimesGlam – her aesthetic is so chic and polished. I immediately want to buy everything I see her wear!


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