Ashley Falcon

Have you ever wondered how on earth we come up with all the exciting looks and accessories for our photoshoots? It’s the result of a beautiful collaboration between our Creative Director, design team, and our stylist, Ashley Falcon. You might recognize her from the pages of Marie Claire, where she launched the Big Girl In A Skinny World column back in 2010. She’s also worked with superstars like Channing Tatum (ask her about that shoot), Julianne Moore, Scarlett Johansson and Kim Cattrall, just to name a few. The concept of a stylist can be a bit abstract, so we thought we’d ask our very own to help break it down.

What does a stylist do, exactly?  

A stylist has many roles but primarily it’s our job to make things look as fashion-forward as possible. Clothing and accessories are our biggest assets. For a client like ELOQUII it’s my job to take the already amazing looks and style them as beautifully as possible to give customers inspiration on how to elevate the pieces in their own wardrobe.

How does styling differ from photoshoots and editorial to personal styling? Which are you more passionate about?  

The 3 are very different. For photoshoots the clothing is key. We want the clothing to sell, and the best way to do that is by creating a stunning image. For editorial, styling the clothing is less significant. It can be ultra-layered or completely over accessorized. Editorial is all about telling a story through images. Editorial styling has the most creative freedom. That translates directly to personal styling, which is a category all its own! The goal of personal styling is to create your client’s own look. It’s crucial to consider what type of event they’re attending, if they’ll be seated or standing, what kind of lighting will they be in; the list is endless! It is all about what works best on the client, and less about the pieces itself. All 3 aspects are so diverse, that no day styling is the same. I love having the challenge of pleasing a brand, the creative freedom of styling a whimsical editorial, and the gratification that comes from having a client look in the mirror and feel absolutely amazing.

Who do you consider your mentor?  

From a very early age I devoured fashion magazines constantly. I never went to fashion school, so the majority of my experience was gained at the source when I interned at fashion magazines. I worked under multiple fashion editors and have assisted many stylists, so I would say that those collective experiences have shaped who I am as a stylist.

What’s been your favorite ELOQUII moment?  

My favorite ELOQUII moment has to be its insane comeback. I was always incredibly passionate about the brand and the people who worked tirelessly to make fashion happen for plus size women. When I heard ELOQUII was making a comeback, I knew I had to be involved, so I reached out to Creative Director Jodi Arnold and the rest is fashion history. It has been a privilege to see the brand’s evolution from collection to collection and to be able to have my hand in creating the images that present ELOQUII to the world.

What do you think are the five essential styles a woman should own?

  1. A great dress is the key to any wardrobe. the silhouette will differ depending on body type of course, but having a go-to dress is hugely important.
  2. A comfortable and flattering pair of denim is another staple. Let’s face it these days denim makes an appearance on a weekly basis so having a great pair of jeans is a must!
  3. A skirt flatters your shape. They’re sexy, feminine and you can dress it up with a lace top or dress it down with a simple tank or tee. Be sure to pick the silhouette that works best for your body. The good news is ELOQUII has them all. Midi Skirts ✔️ Pencil Skirts✔️ Column Skirts✔️
  4. Speaking of tanks and t-shirts ELOQUII makes my favorites! They are the perfect slouchy fit and exude effortless cool. Definitely stock up on those!
  5. Lastly (and perhaps most importantly) is a great jacket. Whether it be a leather jacket or a printed blazer layering pieces make for absolute chic outfits!

What is your number one style tip?

That’s a tough one… But I’m going to go with a tip that I rarely hear, but I live by it. Take a picture of your outfit 360 degrees. Sometimes something looks great from the front or only when your standing. These are key things to know, especially for a big event. I can’t tell you how often I’ve thought “oh this looks great!” and then seen a picture and thought, hmm maybe not my hottest look! It’s my little trick that’s never steered me or a client wrong!


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