Independent Women

We’re obsessed with Beyonce (isn’t everyone?), so it’s only natural that we would also have an appreciation for her work with Desinty’s Child, specifically the 2000 masterpiece, Independent Women. While celebrating our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness on this Independence Day, we thought it was only fitting to ask our favorite independent women how they get down like that.
  1. “An independent woman does things for herself and by herself even if she’s frightened. She’s a hard worker, and a risk taker and she isn’t afraid to ask for help when she needs it. She’s strong yet vulnerable.”- Claudia, Photographer
  2. “I’m independent because no one has my back like I do and if I don’t want and push for my own success, no one else will either. That being said, I don’t know of any women or other rad babes who are totally dominating without love and support from their community. Knowing I can do it myself is only second to knowing I don’t have to.”- Jodie, Fashion and Beauty Contributor at Bustle
  3. “An independent woman recognizes the value of relating with others; she’s strong enough to know when to lead and when to follow. She appreciates help when its offered, but never relies on other people to accomplish her goals. Above all, an independent woman is courageous and thoughtful.”- Jolene, Blogger
  4. “To me, an independent woman is one who stays true to herself, lives life on her own terms, and stands strong, even when that means standing alone.” Reah, Blogger
  5. ”My sisters! I strive to create a fulfilled life for myself; always having them in the back of my mind. I want to be able to show them (and all younger girls for that matter) that hard work and persistence will take you far. Believing in yourself and your work is the key to independence!  That being said, I *feel* the most independent when I am traveling. Exploring new places and discovering new cultures instills this unbelievable feeling that makes you wonder how you’ll ever be able to return to your day to day life! There is nothing like feeling at home in a place thousands of miles from your actual home! “- Christina, Model
  6. "If I were describe an independent woman, I would say she is bold, powerful, classy and respectful of others but isn’t afraid to make her thoughts and opinions heard. To me we show our independence in the way we are able to live our lives, so whether that is wearing a crop top, working as a CEO, or being a single mom, all these women are independent of the molds that society had written.”- Misti, Blogger
  7. “My tenacity inspires me to be independent. This trait of independency is why I believe in staying firm with yourself as a person. I face situations head on whether its life or fashion. Hey, what is life without taking risks and loving what you do?”-Yvette K, Blogger
  8. “Independent woman have confidence! They make no excuse for who they are and make their dreams happen. Fate rewards the brave …  If you don’t believe in yourself then no one else will 😊”- Bree, Model
  9. “In my opinion, an independent woman does what she says she’s going to do and gets it done by any means necessary. She believes that she can control the world and looks great while doing so!”- Cymande, Blogger
  10. “I have to say that what inspires me to be independent is the very concept of independence itself. Knowing that I can accomplish something with my own hard work is the most rewarding feeling ever!”- Riley, Model