Love Lust Or Run (Again!)

We’re huge Stacy London fans, so when her latest show - Love, Lust, or Run - premiered on TLC last year, we had an office viewing party. Better yet, we had the opportunity to work with her on an episode. The show is back for a second season, and last night Stacy made over a fellow stylist, Taquoia, with an amazing mixed print look from yours truly! We caught up with Taquoia to see what she’s been up to since the show and chat about her strong personal style.

How did you come to be involved with Love, Lust, or Run?

It’s a funny story. I actually was contacted by a recruiter from LA on my Facebook. I hate to admit  that I ignored it for a few days before I responded. I thought it was a scam, but I’m glad I was wrong. I jumped on board right away. I had no idea I was going to be picked. I kept thinking I wasn’t “TV” enough. Who would have known!? My main objective when I met Stacy London was to tell her how much I admire her. I really wanted Stacy to bring out the “Conservative Side” that was hiding inside.

What did you get from the experience?

I gained so much information from this experience that will last me a lifetime. But the most important thing I remembered is my conversation with Stacy about seeing myself as the client. It was the ultimate “light bulb” moment. It was so hard for me to change my style because it was comfortable. But Stacy helped me look at myself as a professional stylist.  I FEEL REBORN, BUT STILL ME!

Tell us something about you we didn’t see on tv.

I’m currently opening  a storefront KopyKat Boutique so I can share my love of fashion and style all under one roof. If I cross my fingers and ask really nicely, Stacy London your mini me would like you to be at my Grand Opening so you can tell me if you would LOVE, LUST, or RUN.

Your personal style is so unique! How did it evolve?

It has evolved into more professional. I own my boss look without wearing my necklace that says BOSS. I can walk in anywhere with even more confidence because i know i don’t have to explain myself. They know who I am and they know I mean business!

What’s one fashion rule you love to break?

I  love to break all the RULES! I’m not afraid to take risk and own my look. Even if it's not what anybody else would wear. P.S. I added you to top of my wardrobe list ELOQUII. I absolutely love your wardrobe!