Meet Betsy, ELOQUII Social Media Intern!

In a short six weeks, Betsy Applebaum made a big impact on our team. We hope you don’t mind if we brag, but we have excellent skills when it comes to finding interns. Betsy wowed us with photoshopping skills on Tumblr, and won us over with her interest in the social communities and fandoms surrounding tv shows. She also has excellent taste in lipstick, which is always a plus. On her last day, we asked her to share with us the five things she learned while working with us. Take it away, Betsy!

1. Personal style can always evolve. During my time with ELOQUII I delved into a whole new side of my style. The team is so creative and individual with their fashion, and that definitely rubbed off on me. I recently have started to try to mix and match things that I used to never imagine together to keep spicing up my wardrobe. When you’re surrounded by such amazing ladies, from the team to you guys, it’s hard for it not to enhance your style.

2. Models are unicorns. I didn’t understand what this meant until I saw my first few shoots. Our models absolutely WORK those cameras, and it definitely isn’t an easy task. They are all such beautiful, majestic unicorns and it was always such a thrill to see their art as a work in progress. I have gained such a new respect and appreciation for all the girls who show off our fave looks.

3. It does get stressful being constantly surrounded by beautiful (and sometimes free) samples. Shocking - I know.  We interns end up with a LOT of fit samples. Like, endless amounts of them. Like, *I had to use two extra suitcases to fly just my samples home in* amounts. It was such a blessing and a curse. Being plus, the feeling of being physically surrounded by pieces that ACTUALLY fit me was a first, so obviously I had to get my hands on everything I could. I’m definitely dealing with the repercussions now, as I have absolutely nowhere to put all the new Indigo Girls pieces I’ve been eyeing…

4. It is very possible to have a blast working. From shoots to fittings to managing social profiles, there was never a dull moment in the ELOQUII office. It’s impossible not to have fun when you’re looking at beautiful ladies rocking beautiful clothing. Even when we were just sitting at our desks working I was almost always giggling at something ridiculous, like the Opposites Attract music video or a live tweet of a dumb quote I said. I successfully got Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood stuck in several heads after singing it incessantly for 8 hours. Everyone was probably annoyed at me for that, but I was having the time of my life :P. No matter what I was working on, I was always having fun (which really, what more could you ask for?)

5. The ELOQUII girls are remarkable. One of my biggest tasks with ELOQUII was working with our online communities (AKA- stalking all of your #XOQs). You ladies truly run the world (still can’t cool it with the Bey references). ELOQUII is so lucky to have shoppers like you guys who constantly love the brand, but are always there for necessary feedback. Your support is what drives us to keep moving plus forward- we wouldn’t be here without you :)

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