Meet Sadie, ELOQUII Marketing Intern!

We’ve been fortunate this summer to have incredible interns. Sadie Shackleford, a senior at Middlebury majoring in English, spent the majority of her summer elbow deep in numbers - and loved it. From her first day, Sadie jumped right in and helped wherever she was needed. Her internship ended with a seriously impressive presentation on Pinterest marketing and tasty treats baked from a recipe found on Pinterest, natch. We enjoyed our time together so much we asked her to share five things she learned from interning at ELOQUII.

1. Never admit that you’re an intern to external parties. Whether you’re on hold at Time Warner Cable, getting extensive printer tutorials with Canon or driving a hard bargain with a tarot card reader, you want to be taken seriously. SRSLY!

2. Reeses. Google Analytics. Snickers. Repeat. Let’s be honest, the only thing I stared at longer than data spreadsheets was the office’s candy jar. Oh, why did you have to be glass?

3. When in doubt, look up Beyoncé lyrics. It doesn’t really matter if you’re trying to come up with a subject line for the latest email or explain the ELOQUII mantra in a few words, B. is always the answer. #forevergoals

4. At the ELOQUII office, the more the merrier. Resulting to a conference call over the kitchen sink is completely normal when the rest of the space is overtaken by camera equipment, models, makeup artists, dogs, delivery men, stylists, bagels, clothing racks…um please tell me that’s not an investor walking in?

5. The women at the forefront of plus size fashion are the real deal: confident, inspiring, supportive and FASHIONABLE (all caps necessary). Coming into this internship as a non-plus girl, I didn’t realize that the ELOQUII mission would become as valuable to me as it is today. As I’ve worked with and spoken to more women involved, I’ve realized that the brand extends beyond the bounds of fashion, because it’s not the dresses we’re trying to sell as much as the message: we ALL deserve to look good. Who run the world? (ELOQUII) Girls!

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