Technicolor Dream


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For our largest spring collection, Technicolor Dream, we took cues from the 1960s with dresses in venise lace, dreamy oversized daisy prints, fresh stripes, and intricate embroideries.  The mood is easygoing and eclectic: we like to call it retro romantic.

We knew we needed to do something unexpected for the lookbook so we enlisted the help of acclaimed fashion photographer Sophie Elgort and shot at a classic mid-century Brooklyn home.  We loved the youthful optimism in Sophie’s work, and we’re so excited to see the collection through her lens.  We recently sat down with Sophie to learn more about her process, inspirations, and what she’s most looking forward to in 2016.

How did you become interested in fashion photography?

I grew up around it since my dad is a fashion photographer too, so I always did it as a hobby - I'd dress up my friends and take their pictures. I was the girl that before digital always had a camera in school and would take pictures of my friends. But it wasn’t until just after college/ when my friends had started a DIY, custom, vintage company called ALIOMI and they needed a photographer that I joined them in-house and started shooting as a career.

What was your vision for the Technicolor Dream shoot?

Saturated color, effortless cool and ease, a bit ethereal. All about the girl.

Can you share an unexpected moment on set that turned into a great shot?

The light coming through the blinds in the room where the stylist had set up the clothes, jewelry and shoes was so gorgeous in the mid afternoon. The day itself was super snowy so you wouldn’t have guessed by how it looks but I remember Warren who was doing the cinematography went in there to capture her in that light even though all around the room there was actually quite a mess of things (amazing what a good crop can do).

What is your favorite look and scene from the ELOQUII shoot?  

For look - I loved the blue dress with the white collar, the color is amazing. Scene - gotta be the purple couch, we did a lot with it and would love to have one of these in my apartment.

How did you create the mid-century ambiance on-set? (whether by using a specific type of light/having certain music on-set, etc)

Well the location itself was the ideal mid-century modern house but we played great tunes and focused on clean lines and saturated color in the lighting and post.

What are you most excited for in 2016?

I’m going with my whole family on safari in Africa in August. I’m psyched to spend time with them and of course for the photo opportunities. I’m really known for my fashion photography and taking pictures of people so I’m excited to change it up a bit and take some great wildlife pictures.

On a professional front - I’ve been teaming up with my brother Warren, whose a brilliant filmmaker, making fashion videos. I’m excited to work more with him this year and see what we create together.

What makes a great fashion photograph to you?

Capturing a moment. Making the subject look beautiful or interesting. Telling a story.