Your Summer Bucket List


The first fall styles may be rolling in, but don't worry—summer's not over quite yet! There are still a number of days left to wear white (although honestly, we don't follow that Labor Day rule anyway!). In the spirit of making the most of these last hot days of summer, we asked our Instagram followers what adventures remained on their summer bucket lists. See some of our favorite ideas below—and be sure to let us know if there's anything else we're missing!

Your Summer Bucket List:

  • “Star gazing in the country” - @mkcaddygirl
  • Before the summer is over I must go to the botanical garden for a outdoor concert!!!” -@justonecupcake
  • My bucket list item is going to the drive in with my husband on a date.” - @knicknak94
  • Go to the Loopy Doopy rooftop bar and have a rose popsicle!” - @styleoversize
  • Swing Dance Friday at Centennial Park. We spent our honeymoon at a swing dance camp 25 years ago and have yet to make it to this event.” - @demuralist
  • Hot air balloon ride!” - @not_your_average_ashley
  • “Swimming at rainbow springs with my gorgeous girlfriends @sunflower421 @coryinez” - @itsajoycefullday
  • “Snorkelling in the ocean off Vancouver Island!” - @dea_bee
  • ”I still need to check out Smorgasburg in Brooklyn!” - @kerrylweinstei



  • “Summer bucket list still includes the best ice cream in the US at @Moomers!” - @sarazeko
  • “Taking the ferry to Spectacle Island in Boston Harbor for a picnic!” - @melissah528
  • “Weekend girls trip!” - @tipofdarock
  • “My last summer bucket list is to attend my first music festival!” - @mudbloodsandcrips
  • “Spending a full day on my roof top enjoying the weather! Why have I not done this yet!?!?” - @kjeanmc
  • “I want to skydive” - @pinktoes06I
  • “White water rafting” - @crystars
  • “Spending the weekend sitting at the lake with my feet in the sand!” - @nettiemdesign
  • “Speaking of stars.... I really want to see the Perseid meteor shower this week. Would be a great wind down to summer.” - @ktdid627
  • “Beach bluffs hike and then relax with the waves all afternoon #simplethings” - @cadencebee
  • “Stroll through the Japanese Gardens with a stop for tea tasting” - @jensasser
  • “I want to take a trip to Hawaii” - @curlsnsugar
  • “Start piano lessons аnd play my first music fragment” - @tigrinkadina
  • “Making a pitcher of sangria and reading by the pool” - @libby2776
  • “Going to a new coffee shop I've wanted to try!” - @lollyislaura
  • “Going dancing on a rooftop with my besties” - @jennstarr66

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