Introducing The Viola Fit



If you know ELOQUII at all, you know that we’re always listening. Time and again, you told us it’s hard to find clothing when your hips fit a size that’s one or two sizes larger than your bust. That’s why we’re so thrilled to launch our new Viola Fit capsule collection, a trial assortment of cult faves from this season as well as tricky-to-tailor wardrobe essentials.

To celebrate, we invited two of our favorite customers Kenya (who could forget her Spotlight Series last winter?) and Anna of Glitter and Lazers to model our new Viola Fit. They’re just as excited about the new fit as we are!


“For years I didn’t wear pants because the gap in the back because of my butt made it always so awkward,” commented Kenya. “The Viola fit accommodates my curves perfectly because it allows me to wear a traditional sheath dress and pants with no gap. It allows me to be less concerned about which items I can fit into and instead focus on which styles I like. Every woman’s body deserves to be clothed in garments that she loves and that fit flawlessly so she can SLAY.” We couldn’t agree more!


Anna added, "I think the Viola cut is an important step forward for plus size fashion because it’s the first time a clothing brand is acknowledging that to really serve the customer with stylish options they need to provide cuts that flatter more than one body type. For the first time I can purchase a bodycon and not have to panic about whether or not is will actually fit over my hips. That's a big deal.”

For our launch, we’re offering some of our bestselling coats, charming dresses from our Eclectic Lady collection, and even our beloved Kady pant in the Viola Fit. But be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more styles in the Viola fit later this season.

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