5 Great Costumes with Items You Already Have in Your Closet


We love Halloween here at ELOQUII HQ and, trust us, we have the candy stash to prove it. But, since we're always busy #adulting and all, it can be difficult to find the time to buy a Halloween costume, not to mention the serious struggle to come up with an idea in the first place. Let's just be honest here, the stress is REAL. With Halloween just around the corner, we're here to ease that creative burden. We've put together a handy list of five adorable costumes that you can put together in a flash with items you already have in your closet!

  1. Slick back your hair in a cute top knot and throw on this tulle dress for full Black Swan-realness. Finish the look with a tiara and intense dark eye makeup.


2. Trick or treating outdoors and need something warm to wear? This red coat with a cape will make you the spitting image of Little Red Riding Hood. Wear with braids and don't forget a basket to grab your goods!


3. Pay homage to one of our favorite fashion icons Cher from Clueless in this plaid mini-dress. Pair with easy accessories like a headband and cell phone, and don't be afraid to speak in classic Cher lingo. AS IF.


4. Keep it simple and dig out your fave striped top. Poof out that hair and give yourself a thick cat-eye for a complete Bridgette Bardot look.


5. Feeling extra fashion forward? Make a statement and dress as designer Karl Lagerfeld with his classic staple: the velvet blazer. Match with black Kadys, sunglasses, and boots.


What will you be wearing for Halloween this year? Tell us all about it on Twitter!