Sparkle Quiz


Every time at this point in the year things seem to go into fast forward mode. There isn’t a transitional moment, it all seems to hit you at once. Holiday party invites? Those start showing up as soon as the calendar reads “November.” Some sage advice: Start preparing that party wardrobe now. Our new Black Tie collection is filled (and we mean brimming, bursting, beaming) with options for every RSVP. On our must list? Sparkle and shine. It’s the national season for it (unofficially official) and we’ve got options for every degree of gleam from “just a hint” to full-on. Now for the big question: Where do you fit on the sparkle spectrum? Take this handy little quiz below and we’ll point you in the right direction…

Your approach to accessories is best described as...

A) Maybe a bracelet or a necklace, only if the dress calls for it. Otherwise, simplicity is supreme.

B) Accessories are the co-stars to any outfit. (And a leading lady is really only as strong as her supporting cast.)

C) I don’t feel dressed unless I’ve got all my “friends:” stacks of bracelets, a scarf -- hey maybe the right earrings too.

The style moment that inspires your night-out look...

A) '90s mod minimalism

B) Modern day red carpet sparkle

C) '70s Studios-54-esque glam

Your ideal holiday party in 3 words or less...

A) Cocktails. Friends. Homey.

B) Dinner. Out. Dancing.

C) Black. Tie. Bash.

If you answered mostly A's, you’re understated but know how to make an impact:

[shoppableImages skus = "1193398_039,1233789_029, 1223771_039, 1243479_041"]

If you answered mostly B's, you love a good party and rely on stylish classics: 

[shoppableImages skus = "1533845_039,1223785_023, 1243904_036, 1243905_016"]

If you answered mostly C's, you don't shy from the spotlight. Now's your chance to let loose:

[shoppableImages skus = "1243772_100, 1033812_039, 1243762_020, 1243763_020"]

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