Getting Ready with Hunter and Jordyn


You may recognize models Hunter McGrady and Jordyn Woods. Hunter has graced the pages of our catalog and our site, not to mention Teen Vogue.  If you follow her on Instagram you’re aware she knows a thing or two about making herself up... hello, old Hollywood glamour. For Hunter, much of the fun of going out is in the getting ready: “I like to give myself a couple of hours so I can listen to music and take my time.”  



Jordyn, on the other hand, has a more pared down philosophy. “I learned to get ready fast. My advice? Don’t lose track of what you’re doing. Don’t watch TV,” she laughed. This LA-native is also Kylie Jenner’s best friend and style compadre. With over 2 million followers on Instagram, her fans have fallen in love with her honest and authentic #selfie style.  Whether she’s done up to the nines or wearing her glasses in bed, nothing’s off limits.




More from these two stylistas, below…


Do you have a style uniform? Something you always reach for?

Hunter: Yes! A black tank, black jeans and a black leather jacket. I like to mix it up with a super cool necklace—maybe red heels.

Jordyn: I love jackets, even when it’s hot outside, I always bring a jacket.




That’s a good philosophy now that you’re a New Yorker! What music do you listen to while getting ready?

Jordyn: R&B, hip hop—we all love Frank Ocean.

Hunter: Love me some Kanye.




Where do you go out?

Hunter: This place Jimmy in Soho has a great rooftop with a view of the city and the river. I love dancing the night away.

Jordyn: I don’t like anything too scene-y. I like a place with good energy, where people aren’t too cool to dance.




Who do you draw style inspiration from?

Hunter: I’m loving the ‘70s vibe that’s coming back: denim skirts, suede skirts, paisley. I live for that decade.

Jordyn: On Instagram or just watching people walk down the street.




And we draw inspiration from your Instagrams! Thanks Hunter, thanks Jordyn.