The Black Friday Survival Guide


Of the many holiday traditions we look forward to annually, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are often met with a mix of excitement and nerves: The deals! The thrill! The insanity! The crowds! Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with the 4 am frenzy to shop ours (give it up for the dotcom) but you will, of course, have to be armed with a strategy for coming out victorious—and for rewarding yourself after a long day of shopping, digitally or IRL. We queried our team at our HQ to get their tips—rom-coms, caffeine, self-gifting—they've got an arsenal of ideas for getting through these days triumphantly.


"My strategy: Carbo-load. And who wants to beat a crowd? I’m from New York City, bring 'em on."


"There's nothing like a hot shower and a great rom-com after a long day of shopping. Looking at you Bridget Jones!"


"My Black Friday/Cyber Monday strategy is this: make lists. I'm all about shopping online when crowds are at full nutso-levels. Surrounding myself with calm energy—like my mom’s—always helps when I'm on the verge of a meltdown."


"In general when it comes to gift shopping I suggest shopping early/often. And I implore you: Shop online! Fighting crowds is so 2009. Literally. I last shopped Black Friday in person in ’09 and am still working through the trauma. Picking something up for yourself will also put a little pep in your step, or click."


"My strategy: World. Wide. Web. And arming yourself lots of caffeine, chocolate, and the promise of designer shoes."


"I’m all about the midnight doorbuster. I am one of those people who will stay up all night just for a good deal. If you’re a late night person/early morning 2-4 am are my favorite hours to shop."


"My Black Friday strategy goes through stages: Stay home. Shop online. I’m too tired. Okay, fine mom! When I finally do go, I know what I’m looking for (and why I’m willing to be out at 5 am to get it). Lastly, I wear comfortable clothes and sneakers. So important."


"My advice? Stay within budget. Knowing that you can look at your bank statement without tears of regret—but instead with tears of joy—is priceless."


Don't forget to check out our seasonal sale next week! (We love a good Black Friday deal).