They’re Baaaaack: Shoes


Here’s the kind of news that gets us really excited: That we can now really have you covered for spring, head to toe. As of today, you’ll be able to shop our new footwear collection and before you do, we’d like to give you a little background on how these stunners came to be. We’d been plotting this collection as a response to our obsession with those first days of being able to appropriately sport bare ankles—let alone bare toes!—it is truly like no other. We relish this moment and wanted to be able to add our head-turning, never-a-dull design sensibility to it. So for our collection debut you’ll find true conversation-starters: Colorful platforms, embroidered heels, and beaded slides.

P.s. They’re all lined with memory foam for extra comfort + support.

How to wear a few of our favorite styles? Our little spring style Rx, below.

Slide Sandal with Embroidered Heel

We love the combination of embroidery and a little unexpected distressing at the ankle. It’s a bit Bohemian, a bit utilitarian, and totally chic.

Pair it with our Embroidered Dress or a Wide Leg Chino:

[shoppableImages skus = "1244281_053,1174927_029"]

Sateen Cross Flatform Sandal 

Two stunning show-stealers in one look—the flatform feels like a cool, more relaxed option than a more obvious choice like a stiletto.

Pair with our Asymmetrical Jumpsuit for an extra pop:

[shoppableImages skus = 1322209_100]

Maura Embellished Sandal

Add a little feminine pearl embellishment to an edgy, rock n roll-style jean for a surprising, statement-making counterpoint.

Pair with our Moto Skinny Jeans for ultimate chicness:

[shoppableImages skus = "1104338_100"]

Ready to step into spring? Shop our full spring shoe collection here and below:

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