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We're always fascinated by why trends or looks were considered beautiful or covetable during certain eras. 

Our Retrograde Collection was dreamt up while looking at the past—'60s appliances! '70s prints!—and felt there was something naive about them. We turned this naiveté on its head: Quirk mixes with classic on dresses featuring oversized buttons and ruffles or marabou trims on the neckline of a camisole. The fashion trend—"pretty ugly"—may be an inelegant way to describe dressing for yourself rather than men, but there's something implicitly empowering about the trend as it's been picking up steam in this era. Feminism is at the forefront of our minds, and it reflects that. 

Glamour that's less glaring and more cerebral. Feels fitting, right? Flip through the gallery to check out all styles, then shop all new arrivals here and below: 

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