ELOQUII Presents: Closet Confidential with Katie Sturino



What girl hasn't stood in front of her closet and felt like she has nothing to wear? Trust me, it happens to all of us!

Whether you’re in a straight up wardrobe crisis or just looking for some fresh inspiration, I’ve got you covered! I’m so excited be teaming up with ELOQUII to help women turn their closet frowns upside-down with a new series launching today called Closet Confidential.

In this first episode, you will meet Tori, a 22 year old brunch expert and absolute sweetheart who moved to NYC from Connecticut five years ago. Her pre-NYC style skewed preppy - stripes, seersucker etc - but once she hit the big city, she adopted a head-to-toe black wardrobe to take on a more urban aesthetic.


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Here’s the thing: there’s nothing wrong with wearing black. It’s easy, flattering and always chic. But like a lot of women, Tori found she was wearing all black all the time, and it was drowning out her unique sense of style.

Our job here was actually pretty easy. Connecticut Tori loves a little whimsy while NY Tori gravitates to all things edgy, so all we had to do was combine the two into the right patterns and silhouettes. Luckily ELOQUII has a ton of bright yet wearable prints, so there were lots of great options to work with.

In the beginning, Tori was nervous that shedding her all black uniform would put unwanted attention on her body, but immediately after she put her first look on she felt as amazing as she looked! Tori found three looks that she was over the moon about, and I am telling you she radiated in all of them.


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The best part is that Tori didn’t just find a few new amazing outfits, she also found a piece of herself that had been lost. What we wear says a lot about who we are, and it wasn’t hard to see that Tori is much more than head-to-toe black. I’m wild about her new looks and so happy we were able to send her home with some much needed color and pattern, not to mention a boost of confidence! When you feel good, you look good. And Tori?? Girl looks goooooood!


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What about you? Are you in a wardrobe rut? Shoot me a note at the12ishstyle@eloquii.com and let me know why you want to join me on the next episode of Closet Confidential!

Inspired to tackle prints this summer? Get Katie and Tori’s looks below check out some of Katie’s summer favorites:


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