Closet Confidential: Elevated Workwear


I’m so excited to be back with another edition of Closet Confidential! This episode takes on something I know lots of women struggle with: what to wear to work.

Becca, who you will meet in the video, just turned 30, bought her own place and is generally killing it as a young adult….except when it comes to her work wardrobe. She knew she had fallen into a rut, wearing the same-ish thing to the office everyday: leggings, long tops and blazers.

She wanted help adultifying her work wardrobe and really elevating it to the next level without losing her love for color and wow factor.

You know who else loves color is ME, so needless to say Becca was in great hands :)


I wanted to get her entirely out of her comfort zone, which meant no more leggings or long shapeless tops! ELOQUII has so many cute rompers and jumpsuits for summer, so introducing these more unexpected silhouettes was a no-brainer. I also love a classic pencil skirt for the office, which is something Becca wasn’t wearing, so I wanted to show her a stylish and comfy way to check that box.

We ended up with three killer looks that Becca loves as much I do! Each outfit is super versatile (wear it to work, wear it to drinks) and delivers on “adult” without feeling boring.


I always love when someone wears something they didn’t think they could pull off and ends up feeling amazing in it. There were so many things Becca tried—a power belt, a wide-leg, even just a tucked-in top—that she truly loved but never would have considered on her own. Lots of times we take ourselves out of the game without even realizing it, and Becca’s journey is a good reminder to all of us to push the envelope and try new things!


Also, why not look hot at work? Right!? I want to thank Becca for being so open to taking fashion risks and for being so fun to work with :) Happy adulting everyone!

Are you in a wardrobe rut? Send me a note at and tell me why you want to be featured on the next episode of Closet Confidential! And if you're looking to update your work wardrobe now, shop the looks from the episode below.