How It Fits: Mindy & Gena


We recently invited our friends Mindy and Gena (you might recognize them from our first ever commercial!) to ELOQUII HQ to try on our new Escape Artist collection. Little known fact, Mindy and Gena are not only friends, but they also wear the same size in ELOQUII(!). Coincidence? We think not. So we decided to style them in the same exact looks, showcasing that any body type can rock these!  Read their ELQ&A below, and for more advice and style tips from the duo, be sure to check out their joint Instagram: @howitfitsplus.

ELOQUII: Tell us about your experience on set with us! Mindy Scott, @mindycitybeauty, Chicago, IL Being on set with ELOQUII is always a dream come true. There is so much creativity, passion, and openness in the office, I truly feel like I am hanging out with friends, not working! The best part is that I get to work with Gena, and help show how clothes fit different body shapes, which is something are all excited about.

Gena Pemberton, @gmp1976, New York, NY This was my second experience on set with ELOQUII and it was pretty awesome!  I love that they treat me like a VIP.  We get our hair and make up done.  We get to have input into the outfits we are wearing down to the accessories.  There is food on set.  Mindy made us a dance mix to take pictures too and they accommodated our tunes and my terrible renditions of Hamilton songs. Coming to ELOQUII doesn't ever feel like I am coming to an office.  It feels like you are dropping by a group of friends’ loft and just hanging out...but all done up and such. :)

ELOQUII: What are your favorite looks from the shoot? Mindy: The orange Bow Detail Button Up Top with olive Sam Pant was my favorite! It's my favorite because I didn't think the Sam Pant would fit but then I didn't want to take them off! They have the perfect amount of stretch and fit my curves so well. I love two piece looks (unless it's Viola) because they allow me to fit my proportions. The peplum detail on this top was also very figure flattering. The color combination is a lot of fun and I can wear this with a jacket to transition into fall.

Gena: I love love love the Sam Pant!  I have strong calves and some pants get stuck on them and looks ridiculous. The straight leg was perfection and they make my legs look long! Also, the One Shoulder Tie Waist Crop Top and Striped Side Tie Midi Skirt are such a Gena outfit that I was running in place when I put it on! Something about having my shoulder out makes me feel super sexy.

ELOQUII: Any tips or tricks you have for shopping and styling outfits for your size/shape? Mindy: As a pear shaped customer, I wear a bunch of different sizes. I think that my biggest "trick" is get what fits and don't worry about the size. Once you know how things fit you as an individual, it will make shopping a lot more fun and easier! We are all shaped so differently, so there is no point comparing yourself or size to someone else. Just find what you need and rock it with a smile!

Gena: I'm a believer in trying everything on. If you see something and feel like it won't work just from a picture then how do you know for sure?  If I think it's cute I will order it/try it on first. For my apple-shaped sisters, don't be afraid of belts! They really can make the outfit. And finally... accessorize! No outfit is complete without jewelry.

Excited to try out the same look with your friend? Be sure to shop Mindy and Gena’s looks below and all new arrivals here for your photoshoot and don't forget to #XOQ!