Travel Packing 101: Tips from the ELOQUII Team


Ciao!  I am Bridget Belfiore - the new Brand Marketing Intern at ELOQUII.  Quick fun fact about myself: I have recently returned from a magnificent experience studying abroad in Florence, Italy - a true città bella! I ask you to take a moment and you hear it, too? The what-do-I-pack-for-vacation-sigh?  If so, it seems the listless sound can be heard ‘round the world from those traveling for all sorts of reasons: Study Abroad, weekend getaways, and serendipitous trips Upstate with the gals.  Since my return, I have been grappling with a convoluted issue: how to neatly fold efficiency, practicality, and personality into a suitcase.

As the popularized saying goes, “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”, but what if the journey is filled with overpacking, unsuitable outfits, and worse: limited options?  Believe it or not, these factors can ruin this much-needed escape you were looking forward to for so long.  But, have no fear, because the ELOQUII team is here to provide some Do’s and Don’ts of travel wear, so that your journey is nothing short of some good ol’ fashion-forward fun!


Natalie Shell, Social Media AssociateDO: Invest in high quality travel organizers I would be completely lost without my Tom Bihn packing cubes and stuff sacks for my toiletries, shoes, and pajamas. I buy my packs in different colors to easily distinguish which cube holds different items (i.e. green always means socks and underwear). DON’T: Forget a photocopy of ID and phone charger Always have a copy of ID, enough cash for a taxi ride, and a portable chargerespecially when traveling abroad. I keep my copy in a silk pouch in my bra. I’ve never had to use it, but it’s always comforting to know that if I’m in a sticky situation, I can get out of it quickly. DO: Bring a journal or notebook Traveling is exciting! Even if you don’t journal every day, it’s always good to write down the name of a fun restaurant, moment, or activity while abroad. I also always carry an Adhesive Dot Roller to glue down any tickets, train stubs, or pieces I acquire while on the road. Makes for an easy & instant scrapbook! DON’T: Skimp on a high quality carry-on This is especially key if you’re very mobile during your trips. I’m a huge fan of hopping around cities while traveling abroad and spent three months backpacking in Europe with just a backpack. I had to make sacrifices, (aka no heels), because my luggage real estate was so valuable. It was crucial for taking budget line airplanes with strict luggage limits and running to catch cross-country trains. I hardily recommend the Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45, which also includes excellent pouches and clip-on rings for all your organization needs.


Kate Edgar, Creative Project ManagerDO: Invest in Rick Steve's travel guides His guidebooks offer the best self-guided walking tours, and his advice ranges from useful phrases/lingo to the best eateries and tourist hot-spots. DON’T: Fold clothes flat Everyone always says this, but roll your clothes for optimal space saving! Also anticipate to leave some extra room for souvenirs. DO: Bring a laundry bag Packing one, such as this worldly  Bed, Bath and Beyond bag, will help separate dirty clothes and save you the hassle of organizing clothes when you get home. DON’T: Forget to step outside your comfort zone If I have space, I normally try to bring fun pieces, such as ones from our Teresa Collection, to get cute photo opts in between comfy travel clothes; vacation is a time to have fun!


Kourtney Pope, Customer Experience and Social Media SpecialistDO: Try new trends Vacation is a great test run for new styles, colors, etc.  Check out some of stylist Katie Sturino’s favorite trends, especially our pajama set.  It looks great together, and it can also be worn as separates. DON’T: Forget sunscreen I recommend SPF 30 and above, especially for the sunnier locations.  Also remember, even if it isn’t visibly sunny, the sun can still be strong. DO: Find a great crossbody One with removable straps is best. It can be great for during the day and can function as a clutch at night. Our ELOQUII clutch is perfect for a day of tourism and an evening of fun! DON’T: Pack your most prized possessions Leave the diamonds and Dior at home so you are not prone to misplace them.


Bridget Belfiore, Brand Marketing InternDO: Layer. Depending on your destination, the weather may fluctuate, so it is always savvy to be prepared for Mother Nature’s ever changing moods.  Pack light layers; cute cardigans, (new ELOQUII ones are on the way!), as well as some ELOQUII tanks, will ensure weather-friendly and fashionable options. DON'T: Bring jeans-galore. Jeans are great because they go with everything and anything.  However, you only need one to three pairs depending on your length of travel.  One pair of black and one of blue, (and maybe one more pair if you’re feeling risky), are necessary. DO: Mix-and-Match. The best way to ensure prime mix-and-match outfits is to pack what matches and blends well.  Remember, never fear a print, it goes with more than you think!  Out of all that I have learned after a few weeks at ELOQUII, it’s that for Jodi (our creative director) neutrals = prints! DON'T: Shoe-overload. I know, it seems that no shoe should ever be left behind, but when it adds to luggage weight and space, you’re best closing the closet door and never looking back…at least, not until you return.  Take a comfortable walking shoe, a cute nighttime heel, and maybe another like flats.  You won’t be sorry!

If you haven't already, check out the rules of #ELOQUIIescapes and post your next #XOQ!  For inspo, shop some of our favorite travel looks below.  Now's the time to embark on that fashionable journey!