Folk Tales


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A decade of breaking down style barriers, influencing unique creations, and inspiring fashion trends long after its time. That’s right, we’re talking about the iconic 1970’s. This fashion forward era encouraged the merge of trends with its array of prints, colors, and textures. It’s no wonder that our new collection, Folk Tales, is tailored to reflect the decade that gave us fashion freedom – and killer hairstyles. From perfectly crafted velvet pantsuits to fancy leather dresses, Folk Tales proves 1970’s chic is always on trend.

For this Collection, we’re moving on from all things bohemian and embracing something a bit more fancy: rich outerwear, statement tops, and folk-art inspired designs. With swirling shapes and detailed embroidery, the vibe is part 1970’s retro – featuring a diverse color palette, suede, appliqué patchwork, and long simple silhouettes. This time around, the 1970’s folk style gets a gypsy twists with ruffles, chiffon, and longer lengths. Mixing this softer vibe with an edgy military feel creates the perfect balance of old and new. Tweeds and brocades elevate this for a rich rebirth of last Fall’s New Mood Collection.

Go ahead and channel your favorite blend of 1970’s vibes because the only fashion rule here is, there are no rules. Shop our favorites from the collection below and all new arrivals here!