Color Story: How To Wear Color From Head To Toe


 Valerie Eguavoen of Fashion On A CurveGuest Author

Wearing color from head to toe can be a challenge for many people, but I’m here to show you how easy and effortless it actually is. When I first began my personal-style journey as a teenager, I shied away from wearing bright colors. I stuck to darker shades because I believed they made my plus size body look flattering. As my confidence grew over the years and I began to learn to love my body, I discovered the possibilities of color and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I am so excited to collaborate with ELOQUII to share a few tips on executing the monochrome trend effortlessly. I will be showing you three looks that you can easily recreate using three distinct colors. If you’ve never worn color from head to toe, there is nothing to be afraid of. Remember to have fun with it, and play with silhouettes and shades until you find the right fit for you. There are no rules set in stone to being fashionable, so I’ll share three tips that have helped me nail this style every time.

I used one of my favorite spots in Durham NC, the Odili Donald Odita Mural “Shadow and Light” at the Nasher Museum, as inspiration for these looks. The colors in Odita’s artwork are vibrant, and the mural was the perfect backdrop for highlighting these gorgeous ELOQUII pieces.




Tip 1: Start with your favorite color. Mine is red. It is a bold and striking statement color, and I love the way it compliments my skin. Once you’ve picked a color, the rest is easy. If you’re not quite sure what styles to select, go for a classic look like the pant suit. The pant suit has been worn by some of the most stylish celebs on the planet, and of course it’s Hillary Clinton’s signature style. I paired two ELOQUII separates (the iconic Kady Fit Double-Weave Pants and the tailored Tie Blazer). I kept the styling simple by layering the blazer over a matching lace bralette, adding simple gold accessories, and of course completing the look with a sexy red lip. Recreate this look with your favorite color by mixing and matching stylish ELOQUII separates.





Tip 2: Neutrals count too. The monochrome trend is not exclusive to highly pigmented colors. Ease into it with softer shades. I know wearing white from head to toe can seem a bit daunting, but trust me it will look effortless and chic on you. If you’re not ready to try an all white look, opt for other lighter colored neutrals like blush pink, light grey or a light camel color.


Keep the look simple by starting with basics like this ELOQUII Neoprene Pencil Skirt and the Basic Long Sleeve Turtleneck. Add some shape and dimension to your look by layering over a blazer or jacket in the same shade. A few stylish celebs like Solange, LisaRaye and Kim K, have perfected the trend, and you can too. I completed my look with these stunning Clear Rimmed Sunglasses, also from ELOQUII.




Tip 3: Color in your accessories. There are no rules, so match your look to your heart’s desire. Green is one of those colors that I rarely wear, and I feel like that may be the case for many people. I surprised myself by picking this color, but as soon I saw these Emerald Green Tassel Earrings from ELOQUII, I fell completely in love.


I admit that I built this entire look around these earrings. Can you blame me? They are fabulous! When attempting to style one color from head to toe, go for fun details by selecting one or two accessories in the same shade. I am also a huge fan of the “dress over pants” trend, so I layered this stunning ELOQUII Cold Shoulder Dress over the Kady Pants in long.

I hope these tips have inspired you to try out this fabulous trend. As you get ready to shop for fall fashion keep these tips in mind, and don’t forget to have fun with it! I can’t wait to see your monochrome looks on #XOQ.

Love, Valerie Eguavoen - Fashion On A Curve