Introducing the Gena Fit Pant


Our best-selling Kady Pant is beloved for its versatility and it’s become one of our most iconic pieces. But that doesn’t mean we are done making THE best pants possible. We hate to hear that some women have not been able to make the Kady work for their shape. That’s where Gena, a top customer, comes in.

We met Gena at a NYC focus group and were sad to hear that she was unable to fit into our Kady pant, or wear work pants in general.  She carries her weight in her mid-section, so when she ordered the size that would fit her waist, it was way too big and baggy in the thighs and legs. If she ordered it to fit in the legs, then it was way too tight in the waist.

We continued to hear this complaint from many of our customers who said, for this reason, they do not wear a trouser cut pant. So we set out to make a pant that would fit the classic “apple” shape. We made the waist bigger and even added elastic at the back waist (in a good way) for comfort. Then we slimmed down the thigh and leg for a cleaner fit. Introducing the Gena fit, which is now available in black, charcoal, navy, and verdant in sizes 14-28.


ELQ&A with Gena Pemberton @gmp1976, New York, NY

ELOQUII: What is your experience with pants in general?

Gena Pemberton: I actually don't really wear pants. I bet you think it's because I'm a girly girl but that's not it at all. I've struggled for years to find pants that are able to fit me correctly. Either they are too tight around the waist and cause muffin top, or they were too big at the hips when I go up to fit my waist. It was so bad that I just thought... having cute pants isn't in my present or future.

ELQ: Tell us about the new Gena fit pant – how it fits (pun intended!) and a behind-the-scenes look at the design process with ELOQUII.

GP: I LOVVVEEEEEEEE the new Gena fit pant! Not just because it has my name, that is awesome of course, but also because it has made me loving pants again! As half of the blog, it's clearly important to me to make sure that what I'm wearing fits like a glove. When ELOQUII listened to my need for a proper pant I wanted all in the process. And as always, they were super open to me and my comments. The first version fit around the hips but didn't even fasten around the waist... that was terrifying. But after some tweaks, the next prototype came and it fit around the waist and hips...but it was too narrow on the calves. Jodi and Minty did some chatting and agreed to open up the calf a little bit. The final version was PERFECTION! It fit like a glove! I can't wait to hear how people feel about the fit... let me know @howitfitsplus on Instagram!


ELQ: How will you incorporate the Gena fit pant in your wardrobe?

GP: Instantly! It's going to be weird because pants haven't been a staple in my wardrobe for so long. I'm probably going to be wearing pants every day for weeks!

ELQ: Any tips or tricks you have for shopping and styling outfits for your shape?

GP: My main tip for shopping is try everything on! Don't psych yourself out of something before even giving it a try. With my body type, I'm often surprised at how many things DO work rather than don't. And don't let the price of something deter you, a good fit is worth its weight in gold.

ELQ: What are you coveting from ELOQUII this season?

GP: The New Wave and the She's Electric collection! It is awesome! Money gone. LOL.

If you're unsure about your sizing, we've got you covered. See below for our sizing chart for the new Gena fit.


Excited to try the Gena fit pant? Us too! Shop the look below and check out all new arrivals here after. Be sure to share your #XOQ on Instagram!