Sweet Talk


We’re all about that sweet talk, baby. Soft, lightly dusted colors on the Fall runways were a fresh alternative to traditional hues of fall. The feminine brightness of these colors inspired our newest Sweet Talk Collection. Sweet Talk continues to follow the maximalist vibe of previous collections, but with a softer, feminine touch. This muchness of the moment is now presented in a cool palette with silver metallic as the significant accent color.

In this collection, candy colors, bows, and velvet mix with pearl accents, ruffles, and sequins for statement pieces that really pop—carry-overs from the runways of last spring and fall. Here, “more is more” as marabou trims, pastel pant suits, and embroidered embellishments are the hero elements of the collection. Not to mention, we introduce our newest four-legged model: Chatto! This furry friend (and soon to be star!) is available for adoption through Bidawee, a no-kill rescue adoption center and animal shelter, founded in 1903.

Isn’t this collection too sweet? We think so too! Explore the looks below and then check out all of our new arrivals.