1 Sequin Skirt...2 Cool, Unexpected Ways to Wear


It's easy to hear "sequins" and automatically think "holiday party" but the truth is they are so much more versatile than that! My favorite way to wear the luxe fabric is with an unexpected, more casual spin. And the new blue sequin skirt that just launched from my ELOQUII x Katie Sturino capsule collection happens to be the perfect rule-breaking sequin piece, begging to be dressed down!

So forget the sexy camisole and stiletto heels, I'm wearing my sequins out during the day and you should too.


This first look is hands down my favorite way to wear anything glitzy and glammy. It sounds counterintuitive, but paired with a sweatshirt and sneakers, the sequin skirt feels statement-y in a cool, daytime way. Blue and red are forever my favorite color combo and I love how the patterned dog sweatshirt adds extra interest while keeping things casual. As I always say, when in doubt, go sporty!


The skirt also looks cute worn in a more polished, buttoned-up way - just swap it for your usual pencil skirt. The deep blue sequins of the skirt look amazing with the thin blue stripe and gold buttons on this button down. Buttoning all the way up to the top is key for a crisp silhouette (the cut of the shirt is designed to not pull at the chest, so go for it!). A leopard block heel adds more pattern play without being too much. And voila! A fresh, fun spin on the same old skirt + oxford look, perfect for everything from business meetings to dinner out with the ladies.

If you can't already tell, one of my favorite style tips - especially for Fall and Winter - is to incorporate lots of textured fabrics. Sequins, faux leather, velvet and faux shearling are all super wearable and instantly make any outfit feel a little more special and interesting (yes, even in the daytime!).

I hope you love styling this sequin skirt as much as I do, and if you want more ideas on how to wear it (or anything else from my capsule collection) just shoot me a note at the12ishstyle@eloquii.com!