Bonjour nos beautés! Introducing NOIR, our exclusive black tie capsule collection that sets a new standard in luxury evening wear. This holiday season calls for pure evening decadence and we’ve answered with a stunning, super-luxe collection. Imagine boned corset bodices, hand-sewn sequins with layered embroidery and rich brocades with velvet piping. This finesse has already been embraced by the glitterati, including our lookbook model, Tess Holliday.

The LA-based model, People Magazine cover star, and social media force (see her 1.5 million Instagram followers) adds her unique splendor to each look. She makes feathered necklines fiercely elegant and looked stunning in the satin mermaid flare. Every NOIR Collection look is inherently awash in the glamour of sophisticated textures, fine touches, and, of course, the grandiose ambiance of our Parisian set.

Where better to shoot a stately and elegant collection then in the most lavish locale—the City of Light?

Each style is infused with the palatial beauty of French architecture and landscape and was shot in the 1st arrondissement - a stone’s throw from the cherished River Seine, the Louvre Museum and the lush Tuileries Gardens. It all comes to life in the lookbook captured by Paris photographer Rachel Rebibo. Her extravagant work has appeared in Teen Vogue (U.S.), Marie Claire (Australia) and Grazia (Germany) to name a few. Simply scroll below to get swept up in the entirely royal mood.

Bask in this famed glitz by slipping on one of the 9 smart looks for every luxe occasion. Whether it’s a young donor’s soiree, office party, Insta-formal friendsgiving, or social club affair; there’s an enticing lamé, sequin, or satin dress sure to make an impression.

Need some NOIR? Find your favorites in the lookbook above, select a featured look below, or shop new arrivals.