3 New Year's Eve Looks for 3 Dream Destinations


I know you're thinking it's too early to shop for New Year’s Eve – aren't holiday parties still in full swing? But listen! It will be here before you and I know it. I don't know about you, but by the time I emerge from my post-Christmas holiday-cookie-and-movie-marathon-fueled daze, it will basically be the end of December. And there is nothing worse than standing in front of your closet on December 31st trying to make a festive, fun, cute outfit appear out of thin air. WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE.

So even if your plans aren't firmed up yet, it's time to start on that outfit!

This year I'm taking inspiration from my dream New Year's Eve bucket-list locations. Of course, these looks work just about anywhere for any ball drop party, but if I could be anywhere, this is where I'd be and what I'd be wearing!



First up! Tiny food erasers, cat cafés, Hello Kitty everything... Tokyo has been on the top of my must see list forever and I can't picture a better time to visit this glittery city than New Year’s! This metallic knit wrap dress perfectly captures the Tokyo vibe in my head. When wearing liquid gold, one must keep the accessories simple :) A bright statement earring adds the perfect finishing touch!


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Destination number 2! I doubt you've ever met anyone who likes hot chocolate more than me... if I could spend New Year’s sipping it in front of a fire in Aspen dressed like Cameron Diaz in The Holiday, my life would basically be complete. For a perfect cozy-chic cabin look, nothing beats all-white! These white Kady pants are both comfy and polished, and I love them paired with this cute fitted white knit. A green velvet heel adds a luxe, festive touch.


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Finally, laid-back chic will always be my thing, and New York (yep, my own backyard!) will always be my dream destination. If I were going out for a classic New York night, à la Carrie and Big, it would be all about understated glamour. This maxi taffeta skirt, in the perfect shade of emerald, is surprisingly comfy and will make any girl feel like a modern day princess. Worn with a simple black turtleneck, I can't picture a better way to ring in 2018!


Still looking to perfect your New Year’s outfit? Get inspired and shop Katie’s looks below or our new arrivals.