In Her Shoes: Lauren Lagarde


Meet Lauren, a South Louisiana native, who recently relocated to Nashville after a decade of living in New Orleans, Louisiana. Lauren works as a publicist at Bread & Butter, a food, beverage and travel PR + social media agency. Fun fact: she loves to travel and is a left-handed Gemini. Read on for a peek into a typical day in her shoes.


Lauren is wearing: Moto Jacket, Tie Cuff TopPeach Lift Jean, Winnie Cross Strap Heel

5:00 AM | My alarm goes off, blaring me into the day. I have a brief moment of panic trying to figure out what day it is and why I am waking up so early. It takes me a full minute to realize, "ah yes, I signed up for 6AM spin." I turn on the coffee pot and throw on my work out clothes which I have very smartly set out the night before. If it weren’t for advance planning, this level of getting dressed would not be possible this early. I mean can anyone locate a pair of matching socks before 6am? I really don’t think so.

5:59 AM | Run into spin class with one minute to spare and strap myself into the bike. This workout is a pretty new thing for me and something that I intuitively should really hate but I find myself coming back again and again. I can barely do all of the moves and half of the time I feel like I’m just one minute from passing out but I haven’t actually passed out yet, so I just keep going. It is really hard, like really hard and when it is done my legs feel like jello but I’ve done it and I leave class right as the sun is rising over this strip mall and I have a moment of feeling like I’ve just conquered the whole day before 7am.

7:30 AM | The best thing about getting up so early is that now I have all of this extra time before I have to get to the office. It almost feels luxurious! I get home, turn the coffeepot back on and after a quick shower, I decide I’m going to make myself breakfast. During this time, I read the news, check my email, respond to anything that came through the night before and send a couple of notes out to my team. Just trying to get ahead of the day. Karen, my cat, seems to have barely registered that I’ve come home and is still asleep in my bed. What a time to be alive.


Lauren is wearing: Moto Jacket, Contrast Pajama Top, Miracle Flawless Leggings, Edie Beaded Feather Slide Sandal

9:00 AM | The first thing I do when I get to my office is check my email again and then I dive into reading the news. I work in PR and I can’t stress how important it is to read as much as you can, every single day. I typically take a good 30-45 minutes to just make sure I’m seeing everything that could be relevant to my clients, what’s happening in publishing or with industry trends and pop culture. Once I feel like I’m caught up, I dive into work and try to make some things happen before the morning gets away from me.

11:00 AM | I have a quick meeting with my coworkers to go over an event that is happening later in the month with one of our clients. We go through the guest list and logistics and make sure everything is looking good for the party. Having meetings with my team is sometimes my favorite part of my day. I love working with all of the women in my office. They are all so smart and inspiring! The company I work for is also run by two very strong women too and I’ve loved being surrounded and supported by all of them. I suddenly have a strong urge to say what a time to be alive again? How many Drake lyrics are too many for this?


Lauren is wearing: Ruffle Sleeve Trench Coat, Faux Suede Flare Sleeve Dress, Julies Strappy Sandal

12:30 PM | I pop out for a quick lunch meeting at our client’s restaurant with the account team. The weather feels very Spring-like in Nashville which is a nice respite from the 30 degree temps we’ve been having lately. The food is delicious and it is great to quickly chat with the managers who are working during lunch service. I love getting to meet and see people in person rather than over the phone or email. I feel old fashioned sometimes but I feel like almost everything is better in person, right? Now wondering if there is a Drake lyric that covers this sentiment…

2:00 PM | After lunch I quickly stop by a video shoot that is happening at another restaurant we work with. It is for a great show on a popular network so I’m very excited that this came together for our client. I have a quick chat with the producers and check-in with the team that is on site. Then our client comes in for an in-person interview and I end up running through the Q&A with him quickly just so he feels comfortable and prepared for the taping. The great news is that he nailed it, bad news is that my email is piling up like crazy so I’m headed back to my desk to get it under control. The shoot is going well and the team has it handled so I know it will be a success!


Lauren is wearing: Floral Ruffle Cold Shoulder Top, Ruffled Mixed Print Wrap Skirt, Abba Kitten Heel Bootie

6:30 PM | I feel like I typically really hit my stride in regards to productivity in the late afternoon so I power through my to-do list and before I know it, it is late! I start to wrap things up and am planning to grab drinks with a friend but she has to cancel which honestly makes me feel relieved. My couch is calling! I make it home before 7ish and Karen is at the door to greet me. Like her mother, she really is at her best later in the day.

10:00 PM | I did a deep dive on YouTube tonight and somehow I've been watching old So You Think You Can Dance videos for the last 2 hours. The dancers are just so good and the behind the scenes clips always make me cry. Surely I am not the only one who does this. I tell myself this as I realize the time and put myself to bed but not before locating a pair of matching socks first. My future 5am self will thank me in the morning.


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