Mother-Daughter Day in Boston!


Happy Mother’s Day! To celebrate the day, our style crush Chardline Chanel (@chardlinechanel) and her mom had a mother-daughter day in Boston. Check it out below & read their exclusive ELQ&A on what makes their relationship so special.


First up: shopping!

If there's anything my mom and I can agree on, it's our love for shopping. When I was younger, my mom used to drag us to the store. Today, she has to drag me out. We can make field trips out of shopping dates. Many times we like to dress up when shopping because we know that church is right around the corner.


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Exploration time: Faneuil Hall

My mom said she hasn't been to Faneuil Hall since before I was born. She said she remembers the brick floors and rowdy college kids. Today, she fell in love with it again. From the freshly squeezed lemonade to all the new food court options, it's hard to not fall in love with such a historic place in Boston. She loved it even more since it was my treat.


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Relaxing in Columbus Park (North End).

My mother loves the North End, in fact, she bused me over 30 minutes out the city to attend a small Italian Catholic School in this neighborhood. I, too, love the North End because it's the only place I can practice the eight years of Italian that I took as a child/pre-teen. Columbus Park is one of the first landmarks you see when you enter the North End. Plus, my mama is Haitian-- anything with flowers and trees is her element.


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— The ELQ & A —

ELOQUII: What comes to mind when we say family?

Chardline: I think of the matriarchs of my family and how much they love to take care of the children and each other. My mom, grandmother, late paternal grandmother, aunts, etc., are amazing caretakers and will do anything to uplift the family.

Mom: I think of growing up in Haiti and working together as a unit to keep our family strong. In death, displacement, and joy, we work as a unit.

ELOQUII: In what ways do you think “I’m like you”? And “I’m not like you”?

Chardline: I'm Like You: Shopping Addiction. I'm Not Like You: I am not a homebody. She thinks home and church are the best places on Earth.

Mom: I'm Like You: Smile and Style. I'm Not Like You: Unnecessary spending and she travels way too much. Buy a house first.

ELOQUII: What do you admire most about each other?

Chardline: My mom will take the shirt off her back to make sure we are good. She not only cares about her nuclear family, but she will drive 50 miles away to make sure my close friends get help if they need it. She has such a big heart, and I feel like there's nothing I can give her that will show her how much I appreciate her...but I know she will find a couple of ways.

Mom: Her drive. She's up early and stays up late. She just keeps going and doesn't stop.

ELOQUII: What is your favorite Mother/Daughter activity?

Chardline: Shopping and Volleyball

Mom: Shopping and Eat at Crave Mad for Chicken.

ELOQUII: What advice has stuck with you?

Chardline: Keep being yourself, you sleep better at night.

Mom: How to figure out my sizing when online shopping.

ELOQUII: Who are your style Icons?

Chardline: Micah Gianelli, Rihanna, Blake Lively, Claire Sulmers, and Rochelle of Beauticurve.

Mom: Queen Latifah, Gabrielle Union, and Olivia Pope

ELOQUII: What was your first ELOQUII purchase?

Chardline: My Easter dress in 2013. It was a striped number with flowers down the middle. I wish I could still fit it!

Mom: A peplum all-white dress with a lace trim. 

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