ELOQUII to be Acquired by Walmart eCommerce

We’re joining the growing portfolio of digital brands that includes ModCloth, Bonobos, and now us! You read that right! Are we excited? YES. WE. ARE.


Here’s why: We are the same ELOQUII—the same team, the same love of fashion, the same obsession with fit, fabric, and attention to detail. But now we have even more opportunity to be bolder, better and a bigger force in the fashion industry. i.e. YOUR ELOQUII…now with more opportunity to move fashion beyond a size 12.

You might be reading this and asking yourself why, and for some of you this will seem out of the blue given our history.  TBH, there are elements of the business involving logistics and technology where we're super (!) excited to have Walmart’s scale and expertise to improve and grow.  Grow, grow, grow!

You have always been our biggest fan and greatest advisor. And now is no different. We want to know: How can we make this next ELOQUII chapter even better? Share your thoughts at hello@ELOQUII.com. You know we read every.single.email. :)

And, most importantly, to our OGs, 1.0’ers, 2.0’ers, amazingly dedicated customers, true fashion lovers and supporters since Day 1, thank you for putting us on the map and keeping us on top.

Now, back to business. Have you seen our new arrivals, the Just Rosy Collection? (our current fave is the Puff Sleeve Jumpsuit). Are you ready for the Jason Wu collab (launching Nov 1st!)?  Off we go to ELOQUII 3.0!



Questions?  We answered a few that we thought you might have here:

Why Walmart?

A big reason Walmart purchased ELOQUII is because they LOVE what we’re already doing and want us to keep doing it. What this means for ELOQUII is that we’ll have more resources to do what we already do—and what we’ve always dreamed of doing. There are things like operations, logistics, and technology improvements which will benefit our team, which will ultimately help the ELOQUII brand and experience become even better.

We are excited to be in the company of other brands in the Walmart eCommerce family—brands that are disrupting categories and innovating such as Bonobos (did you see they launched extended sizes?), Jet.com, ModCloth, Moosejaw and more. We think they’re pretty cool.  These recent acquisitions have a focus on strong digital-first brands that are innovative and dedicated to their customers. Sound familiar? Plus, Walmart eCommerce is looking to the future and even has its own tech incubator, Store No 8, that’s launched new companies like Jetblack. We are excited to be a part of their innovation.

Will you sell ELOQUII in Walmart stores?

We don’t have any plans to do that right now--is that something you’d like to see us do?  Tell us more at hello@ELOQUII.com


While it might seem out of the blue, especially given our history, this partnership will actually allow us to do more - more fashion, more stores, etc.  And very importantly, we’ll get some operational leverage by being a part of Walmart. We are truly proud of what we’ve been able to do in the past 4+ years and Walmart’s scale and expertise will allow us to push harder so that we can continue to move fashion beyond a size 12.

What will happen to the quality of your clothes?

We are the same ELOQUII as always with a commitment to quality. We hope this move allows us, in time, to actually improve our quality and elevate our customer experience even more.

What’s changing?

Not much!  We’ll have some operational integration to accomplish that will be beneficial for the business, but other than that, it’s the ELOQUII we, as a team, love.  If there are things you’d like to see us do, especially in light of this news, please tell us at hello@ELOQUII.com

Will this water down your fashion?

No way!  Just like us, Walmart loves that the way we approach design, quality, fit and fashion are brand non-negotiables and will always be at the heart of what we do.  We’re the same ELOQUII team producing the new fashion you know and love – just with a new parent.

Doesn’t Walmart own Modcloth?  Will ELOQUII merge with them?

We love ModCloth.  We’ll be two separate companies owned by the same parent and share similar passion for our customers and, of course, fashion.  Would you like to see us do anything with ModCloth? Tell us more at hello@ELOQUII.com

Are you going to close your stores now?

We will continue to pop up stores--where would you like us to set up next?  What do you want to see us do in stores? We’re actually toying with a dream closet idea right now… Thoughts?  Email us at hello@ELOQUII.com

What about my recent order or return?  

It’s business as usual. Your shipment or return will not be interrupted. You can visit us in our stores and online.

As always, our customers are our greatest inspiration.  Please continue to share your feedback with us at hello@ELOQUII.com

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