What We're Loving: Summer Edition


Vegas baby! Charlotte, our very own Senior Social Media Strategist recently took off to Las Vegas—what better way to celebrate her birthday then with the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, Nevada…and of course, content! See what she's loving this summer and get inspired for your next trip.


What did I want for my birthday? Content. Recently, I started posting more photos of myself and my outfits online. I started back in January when I helped out our ELOQUII creative team being a model in a couple photo shoots. I got such a wonderful reaction from my existing social media followers that I decided to keep it going. I’ve doubled my Instagram following since the beginning of the year and thought what better way to celebrate that (and keep up the growth!) than head to the epicenter of all things glitz and glamour—Las Vegas, Nevada.

I chose this checkered dress for the flight because it reminded me of the spades and diamonds suits in cards! With my luggage on hand I was ready for my Vegas touch down photo opt.


We started off the trip at Seven Magic Mountains, an art installation 25 minutes outside of Las Vegas proper. I chose a head-to-toe white jumpsuit (my first time in all white!) to let the vibrant colors of the installation shine.


After Seven Magic Mountains, we checked into the Bellagio and went straight to the pool for a little dip—piña colada & clutch required ;)


I've known for months how I wanted my first morning in Vegas to begin—with breakfast in bed. We got a whole assortment of breakfast goodies to power up for the long day of sightseeing ahead.


Taking off my adorable sleeping mask and waking up wasn't easy, but The Bellagio’s Belgian waffle made getting up totally worth it. Please note the beautiful cursive “B” embossed on the top of it! The attention to detail was impeccable. And how cute are those leaf earrings?!

polka dot plus size dress
polka dot plus size dress

Who wakes up at 9am on vacation? *raises hand* I had us on a strict schedule during our 48 hours in Vegas; you gotta get all the sights in! On Saturday morning we started bright and early at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign—perhaps the most iconic shot of the entire trip!


Next up was our “European” portion of our activities. I’d visited The Venetian as a kid and always wanted to go on a gondola ride through the canals. It was everything I’d hoped for, except they require you to wear a seatbelt (lol) even though the canal is only 3 feet deep. I’m a stickler for rules though so I shut up and buckled up :)


If you’re anything like me, this is your dream dessert. I dragged my family and BFF, who joined me on the trip, to Black Tap, a burger joint known for their delicious, crazy huge milkshakes. Trust me—it was even better than it looked!


We wandered around Caesar’s Palace for nearly two hours trying to find the replica of the Trevi Fountain. Turns out it isn’t easy trying to find one specific fountain in a hotel that has HUNDREDS! Finally after walking the entire length of the casino and shops—and asking multiple confused staff members—we made it to the replica of the Trevi Fountain. I’d visited the real fountain in Italy with my father when I was in my early teens so it holds a special place for me. Also, it’s just so dang glamourous! The Vegas version of the fountain was a LOT less mobbed than the real one.

Bless my BFF Amy’s heart for being so patient with me trying to get this photo right. It was 100+ degree heat, I was hangry and dehydrated after wandering around looking for the fountain. She checked her fitness tracker and we walked 3 whole miles trying to find it! When I was leaning back on the ledge, the sun had made the stone so hot I couldn’t even put my hand down on it. If you look closely in the photo, my hand isn’t even touching the stone!


After our jam packed morning, we went back to the pool. I borrowed this straw hat and let me tell you—it solidified my title as “most extra person by the pool.”


We spent Saturday night going to a very fancy restaurant called Rose. Rabbit. Lie. inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel. An Instagram follower of mine recommended it to me and I was NOT disappointed. There were live singers, cocktails served in literal looking glasses, tap dancers dancing on pianos, and the noodles of the “mac and cheese” we ordered were hand packed together, placed upright like little soldiers standing in formation. A truly unforgettable experience.


Then I did a quick change and we went straight off to see JLo at Planet Hollywood. All I can say about her show is… WOW. Wow wow wow. The woman is a force of nature.


We spent our last day grabbing a quick brunch at a cool local spot off the strip. The backyard where we ate reminded me a lot of L.A. The photo in this floral dress is probably my favorite one from the trip!


Bonjour! I'll be sipping on my  aperol spritz, if you need me ;)


Before we hopped on a plane back to NYC, we stopped off at the Neon Museum, just outside of the strip, to see all the original vintage signs from years past. The museum is so beautifully maintained and the staff was so helpful. A must see!


Overall, it was a fun whirlwind of a trip. 48 hours and my content wish came true! What happens in Vegas stays on the internet.

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