Global Trend Report: Spring/Summer 2019 Runways

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How do we keep ahead of all the latest trends here at ELOQUII? Meet Myri, our Resident Trend Expert, who stays in-the-know on all the latest runway trends — and brings them directly to you. Check out our latest report, Spring-Summer 2019 Trends, for all the inspo you need.

The Spring/Summer 2019 shows have officially wrapped and all we can say is color, color, color! Get ready for a season of unexpected print mixing, bold palettes, and reworked sihlouettes to fit into a modern, contemporary vernacular. We still see the 1980s theme bursting through many runways as well as new takes on head-to-toe suiting, romantic details, and—of course—COLOR.

Read on for our recap on the major themes coming out of Spring/Summer 2019 shows across the globe.


1. Hyper Brights

Vibrant and dazzling hyper pink was first seen during various Resort presentations and continue to intensify for later Spring/Summer collections. Designers use hyper and vivid pink in head-to-toe looks or pair it back to optic white, black, or orange for balance or intensity. This is a great color option to kickstart the season for anyone looking for a bold refresh to their wardrobe.

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2. Sunny Yellow

You may remember yellow as a signature color last year; however, this year’s “sunny yellow” is a brighter, feminine yellow moving away from last year’s favored “Gen-Z” yellow. A head-to-toe statement yellow dress is a must for Spring/Summer 2019 with designers using cotton and silk blends to highlight the color. Pair back to a neutral to allow this color to step into the sunshine.

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3. Lime

A range of hyper-bright colors emerged in the Spring/Summer 2019 palette including this ice-cold lime. Designers used this almost neon hue to provide essential pops of color on skirts, shirts, and outerwear. For those who don’t want to lean into a full head-to-toe look, lime makes for a great color on footwear, socks, and bags.

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4. Electric Blue

Blue is back, baby! Electric blue has gradually been working its way into the brighter hues over the last few seasons, and now it’s here, and ready to make a statement. This color was not only strong on the runway, but influencers have recently begun wearing this color in head-to-toe silk and cotton dresses. Further intensify this color by color blocking this with white, yellow, or lime.

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5. Ultra Red

The color of the season is back and hotter than ever! Intensified event more, designers used this color in combination with soft pastels for a balanced look and to offer a feminine touch to their pieces. Turn heads while wearing all red!

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6. Juicy Orange

Delightfully, this season saw a new emphasis on yellows and oranges. Midway of hues of kumquat and marigold jumped off the runways in many of the shows. Juicy orange, a great color for knits and jerseys, was seen in head-to-toe tailoring (a common trend in these shows), footwear, accessories, and bags. Pair this color with hyper pink or ultra red for a spunky, fresh look.

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7. Chocolate Brown

Evolving from the fall runway color palette of cinnamon, the Spring/Summer 2019 shows featured a warm, chocolate brown as a punctuating color on the runway. This rich tone pairs perfectly with funny brights—add a shot of lime, orange, or electric blue to let this color shine.

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8. Neutrals

Gone are neutrals from being a core palette color—they’re now an official fashion shade. Designers used neutrals as a layering technique in complimentary hues for stand-out head-to-toe looks creating the optimal balance between tailored and fluid silhouettes. Tired of summer whites? Try a summer neutral to turn heads and catch some rays.

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1. The Suit Set

It’s no surprise, the head-to-toe look is HERE and is not slowing down. For the Spring/Summer 2019 runways, we saw two trends emerge: The Summer Suit and Color Suits. In Summer Suits, designers paired summer shorts and skirts back to outwear-inspired jackets adding sporty details like zippers and oversized pockets to exaggerate the silhouettes. Typically these head-to-toe pieces were in one color or prints. We also continue to see color suits pop this season with bright colors making a splash on the runways. Updating these classic shapes, designers added sleeve details, ties, and of course, color to make a statement.

The Summer Suit

The Summer Suit

Colored Suits

Colored Suits

2. Blazer Boom

Blazers, blazers, blazers! An essential for any head-to-toe look, the essential jacket was a focal piece in many runways for Spring/Summer 2019. We saw two types of blazers, Oversize Blazers and The Wrapper Blazer, make crucial appearances on the catwalk. The Oversize Blazer was extremely popular with designers embracing the blazer’s versatility and layering it over elongated shirts, classic trousers, and skirts. Using different fabrics, ranging from crepes to bleach denim, the oversized blazer can be part of a monochrome or mono-print head-to-toe look or used as a statement piece with neutrals. The Wrapped Blazer emerged this season after the success of the wrapped dress and blouse in previous runways. The closures and draping of these blazers add sporty, feminine, or masculine details to work, sport, and occasion-wear.

Oversized Blazers

Oversized Blazers

The Wrapped Blazer

The Wrapped Blazer

3. Sweaters, Sweatshirts, oh my!

Two silhouettes, The Exaggerated Sweater and The Elongated Sweatshirt emerged as trending pieces during the Spring/Summer 2019 runway shows. These extremely oversized proportions continue to be a trending piece in the shows and were often paired back to skirts and shorts. The Exaggerated Sweater, a transitionary piece, were seen over skirts that ranged from feminine, to sporty, to casual. Texture was huge detail in many styles, with designers using lofty yarn for a cozy, homespun effect or variegated stripes for an athletic appeal. With The Elongated Sweatshirt, designers also layered this over long skirts or shorts, but updated this classic silhouette with contrasting bold colors, tie dye patterns, and cut & sewn patches for high summer beach vibes.

The Exaggerated Sweater

The Exaggerated Sweater

The Elongated Sweatshirt

The Elongated Sweatshirt

4. City Shorts

City shorts, after their first appearance in street wear in spring 2018, have arrived officially on the catwalk. The slim city short and a sophisticated alternative to a traditional cycle short with designers tailoring classic suit trouser pants to their new abbreviated length and creating these pieces in shiny, stain fabrics. Pair back with a matching blazer or simple graphic tee.

The City Short

The City Short

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