Jason Wu x ELOQUII Holiday Collection

After many months of designing, fitting, shooting, editing, and excitement, we are thrilled to announce that our Jason Wu x ELOQUII Holiday Collection is officially here! We’ve partnered together on a collaboration that delivers iconic looks for women in sizes 14-28 this Holiday Season featuring model Paloma Elsesser.

Boasting the perfect combination of ELOQUII’s innovative design approach and fit expertise with Jason Wu’s distinctively feminine aesthetic and elevated designs, Jason Wu x ELOQUII, is contemporary, chic, and full of timeless grace. The perfect balance of glamour and sensuality, this collection offers eleven choices (ranging from $89 - $259) to elevate your party season.

The collaboration and process was so special that we turned to two ELOQUII team members closely aligned with the collection—Yesenia Torres (ELOQUII Design Director) and Lizzie Stratton (ELOQUII Associate Designer)—to ask them more about their experience.

“When we had our first meeting with [Jason],” says Yesenia, “he had a vision...he knew that he wanted the perfect LBD collection with splashes of shine and color.” Once the team had this soundbite for the collection inspiration, they ran with it. Inspired by Sophia Loren, old Hollywood glamour, and the timeless curve-hugging silhouettes of the 1950s, this collection marries femininity and power in a woman’s body. A key takeaway for this collection, Jason & the ELOQUII team wanted to make sure these designs accentuated a woman’s body and made all who wear this collection feel strong, powerful, and of course, beautiful. Plus, who doesn’t want to design for holiday? “We’re all about sparkle and drama, and so is Jason...how much we have in likeness in our processes,” mused Yesenia & Lizzie. “He was able to take the core of what we do and help us to add more couture-like details to the product, making everything feel special and ornate which is very much his craft.”

The vision was pure, pure femininity. Both teams sought to design the best LBD dress collection in the long-lead eight month process. “We didn’t want to hold back,” says Yesenia. “We knew having Jason collaborate with us was so powerful for the brand [that] we gave more time to this collection to really nurture all of the beauty that we’re putting out to the world.”

The partnership was a synergy between Jason’s signature design hand and the impeccable fits we at ELOQUII are known for. Both teams have a shared, strong POV and knowledge of silhouettes for the plus sized woman and the best dresses for her, it was only natural to take the signature ELOQUII silhouettes and marry them with the exquisite details Jason Wu is known for: raw-edged chiffon, covered buttons, longer slits, etc. Everything was created in house, by hand, from scratch by ELOQUII’s draper & pattern-maker before sending to our manufacture—a detailed, couture-like process that is not frequently seen today. This extra step, adding time and effort into the pieces, allowed for there to be more craft and love into the product.

Several moments stood out to our designers during the process:

Lizzie Stratton: “My favorite part was getting to do the embellishment for the Satin Embellished Fit and Flare Dress. We started here, we have a bunch of bins of jewels and I did several mocks of the design, taping to cardstock. The jewel design is custom…(Lizzie designed the entire embellishment layout from scratch by hand). That was the craziest thing...coming from being an art kid in high school painting murals to get to do something on that caliber was really exciting.

I think it is the special little details...when I get something that’s what makes me feel special when I put it on—it’s the very intentional, thoughtful details that make you feel like you’re putting on something special, and I think we’ve created that here.”

Yesenia Torres: “There were two moments that stood out the most for me during the process. The first moment was when Jason came into the office for the second round of fittings. And when he looked at everything on the model, we put every piece on [the model], and we photographed every item, and put it up on this board, and I remember him very distinctly being like: ‘This looks amazing. I can’t believe how amazing this looks.’ And that was a very exciting moment, because you have someone who is such a high-end designer to turn around and say to you, you have made my vision come to life.

And then the second moment was the photoshoot. Not from it was so beautiful perspective but more from an emotional perspective — those photos, taken by photographer Chloe le Drezen, are something that has never been represented in the plus-size market. Those photos are so beautifully done and the direction was so editorial and high-fashion. When I looked at those images at the end of the day, they looked like they belonged in Vogue...they’re art.”

This collection is timeless. The pieces will be easily chic for the next 10-20 years—in Jason Wu x ELOQUII, our customers will always look gorgeous, and put together, and polished, and covetable. The transcendence of the collection, a group of styles that are, “affordable couture,” highlight the elegant details of a renowned designer and mix them with the expertise of ELOQUII’s fit, silhouettes, and bodies.

Ready to add one of these timeless styles to your closet? Shop the entire collection for your next winter event, gala, wedding, or date night!

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