How We Holiday: Employee Edition, Kourtney

Holiday season is officially here, and we’re thrilled to celebrate at ELOQUII HQ. Between the parties, feasts, shopping, and nights out, we know you need a wardrobe that shines, sparkles, and makes a statement in whatever occasion you’re attending (even if it’s family movie night, hello loungewear!). This year, we asked some of our amazing employees to walk us through how they’re dressing for this holiday season. Read on to hear from our Social Marketing Associate, Kourtney, as she and her mom spend the day together in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. This is How We Holiday: Employee Edition.

Girl talk and champs! Nobody does brunch like my mom and I. It is probably one of our most favorite past times and a mother daughter tradition we have had since I was old enough to say “cheers!” As much as we love our traditions, it had been a while since our last get together so we decided to go all out.

When in doubt, a power suit set is the way to go. I opted for a pop of color in our brocade jacket and pant suit. I am obsessed with the metallic shimmer. Not to mention the upscale feel of the double breasted buttons. To keep it more relaxed, I opted for loafers. We were planning to window shop for the holidays after so these were the perfect touch. My mother, ever timeless, chose our crisp white blazer with contrast lapels. I loved the unexpected pop of her black trousers with the white side stripe. It’s so chic and a contemporary interpretation of a black and white combo. (Don’t be surprised if you can’t find this in your closet later, mom! #sorrynotsorry)

 Mid bite my phone pings, and to my surprise we have completely forgotten my Aunt’s annual holiday kickoff party! Thank goodness we are not too far from our fave hangout, ELOQUII. One phone call later and the staff has champagne, treats, and fitting room full of festive finds waiting for my mom and me.

If you are ever in a bind, opting for a classic silhouette with upscale features is the way to go. For my mom, the red sequin wrap dress was a perfect match! It is an effortless piece that will stand the test of time. Not to mention, it made my mom light up with awe and excitement. 


Like mother like daughter, I followed her lead with a gorgeous sequin v-neck shift dress. What can I say? My mom has fabulous taste! Once we found our looks, it was time to accessorize. And boy did we! The store was stocked full with all the bells and whistles. Shoes, bags, jewelry, there was no shortage of options that would tie our look together.

In the end, what could have been a fashion disaster ended up being the best girl’s trip ever. My mom and I laughed, engaged, and deepened our bond over our shared love of style. I am so incredibly lucky to have had this time with her and the many memories we made that day.


Have a last minute party invitation and nothing to wear? Never fear! Check out one of our store locations for all your last minute party needs as well as our newest arrivals for anything from holiday brunch with mom to a glitzy party—we’ve got you covered!

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