What We're Thankful For


Happy Thanksgiving! We at ELOQUII HQ are so grateful this year — family, friends, great fashion, and above all having YOU as our incredible customers. To celebrate the holidays, we asked our employees to share some of the things they’re grateful for this season. So pour yourself a cup of tea, thrown on some loungewear (or comfy, comfy sweater) and read on!

What are you thankful for?

“Finally having my beautiful nieces and nephews in the same city as me!” —Erika, Technical Design

“Sunrise and sunset runs in Central Park — the way the sunlight hits the leaves on the trees makes me so appreciative to be outside and reminds me take a beat for daily gratitude.” —Natalie, Brand Marketing

“Grateful for healthy family, fantastic friends, great job, and the ability to appreciate these beautiful fall colors accompanied by cooler temperatures....love wearing my ELOQUII sweaters and jackets!”

“I am grateful for my toddler who reminds me daily what is important in life. When I am running around the house cleaning, cooking and doing laundry he grabs my hand, pats the floor and says "sit." He gets a puzzle, toy or book and we connect. I am also grateful for coffee!” —Jennifer, Planning

“I am grateful that I will be able to spend another Holiday with my grandparents!”

“So blessed to have a supportive family, friends, co-workers and work environment!” —Shené, Customer Experience

“Health, family, friends” —Julie, Chief Merchant

“I'm thankful for my amazing coworkers, our passionate customers, and for our office dogs! And pie, always pie.” —Hannah, Design Team

“Monday night yoga classes (best way to kick off the work week!), fluffy blankets, JG Melon's cheeseburgers, phone calls with my family...” —Sadie, Marketing

“I graduated from college and got my first job!” —Heather, Software Developer

“My amazing fiance and my 2 beautiful boys!”

“I am grateful for the good health and well-being of myself, my family, and friends.”

“I am thankful for the customers that have stood by us and continue to push us in our pursuit to be the best. We are so lucky to have such an engaged and celebratory community. The amount of love and affection that they have for the brand is the pulse of this company.” —Kourtney, Social Marketing

“I am thankful for my boys - they truly keep me young and bring me endless amounts of joy. I’m also thankful to have a job I love, a team I adore, and co-workers that keep me challenged and make me feel appreciated for the little things.” —Kathy, Human Resources

“Being able to create memories with loving family, supportive and fun co-workers” —Kristen, VP Brand Marketing

“I am officially an Aunt! My Nephew, Colton Lee, was born 10/16/18.” —Jessica, Store Operations

“I am grateful for all the learning this year gave me and my engagement :)” —Myri, Senior Designer

“There are so so so many things to be grateful for. Sounds cheesy but I'm grateful for every day that I wake up being a new day, one where I have the opportunity to learn and grow as a person and discover new thoughts, places, and people. On a more granular level, I'm thankful for my dog—who's shown me what unconditional love truly means, my health, my body, my wardrobe (THANKS ELOQUII!!), and all the important people in my life. Oh and Instagram. I'm thankful for Instagram :)” —Charlotte, Social Media

“My awesome roommate!” —Emily, Technical Design

“This year I am grateful for my New York family! So many of us have moved here alone, away from our homes to pursue our dreams and while the reward is great, the road is often lonely. Here at ELOQUII I have found a group of intensely strong, unique, and inspiring women that I feel honored to call my closest friends!” —Lizzie, Design Team

“my sister Erica and my new sweet rescue girl Bernice!” —Mariah, CEO

“A fun and collaborative team!”

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