How We Holiday: ELOQUII x Paper Source, The Kardoggians

Have you heard? For all your holiday needs, we partnered with Paper Source to bring you an exclusive and customizable holiday card collection featuring ELOQUII prints you know and love! As if that wasn’t enough, we asked our dear friend Dorie and her adorable pups, Kimchi & Cupid, of The Kardoggians (@the_kardoggians) to work with us on her own holiday card! In addition to sharing the most paw-fect holiday pictures ever, we caught up with her to learn how they holiday. Read on to check it out!

What are you grateful for this holiday season?
I am grateful that I have a life full of dogs, people who love animals, and the ability to make an impact on animals less fortunate than those already rescued by raising awareness and funds, especially for senior and foster dogs. 

Do you have any holiday traditions with Kimchi & Cupid?
This is our first Jewish Christmas with Kimchi but we think she'll enjoy cozying in bed watching the yule log burn on tv intermixed with watching A Christmas Story on loop and lots of naps and snuggles. (The human family will be doing the traditional Jewish Christmas of movies and Chinese food before the cozy time!

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to this holiday season?
SNOWWWW! I'm pretty sure that in Texas (where Kimchi was rescued from over the summer) Kimchi would never have seen snow. And I am a born snow lover (seriously, it snowed the day I was born. In New Jersey. In MAY! Love of snow is in my DNA.)

What is your favorite part of your ELOQUII x Paper Source cards?
I love that I could include both dogs on the card and each have their own image with a caption that relates to them. And I love that the card itself has dog on it because we are dog crazy in the Kardoggian abode. Also, the prints on the PJs are SUPER cute and comfy! I've been wearing them nonstop! (when the dogs aren't nesting in them...)

Eggnog or hot chocolate?
Hot Chocolate! Extra chocolatey, please! Sometimes I make hot chocolate on a stick for friends as a holiday gift and crush peppermint sticks on top before it hardens. Super easy holiday gifting that's a crowd pleaser!

Peppermint bark or gingerbread?
Peppermint bark (see chocolate and peppermint enthusiasm above...).

Favorite holiday movie? 
A Christmas Story! I quote it year round... Fra-gee-lay... Must be Italian! .... I can't put my arrrrmmmss down... I mean is there any scene in that movie that isn't quotable?

What’s on your holiday wishlist? What’s on Kimchi & Cupid’s list?
My wish list is pretty practical stuff like this lamp from Article, new kitchen knives and cutting boards, etc. And my dream gift would be someone hiring me a home organizing service because living in a studio in Brooklyn leaves me with my space less organized than I'd like. Kimchi would like to be named queen of her own country where she can boss everyone around all day and night. And Cupid would like to find more inner peace. Both very easy-to-find gifts at any store...

Kimchi & Cupid, which of Santa’s list are they on: Nice or Paw-ty?
I think they're on both! They're both nice and paw-ty in the best possible ways <3

Ready to create your own holiday cards for you and your pup? Check out all the ELOQUII x Paper Source designs and grab yourself some loungewear for the coziest card creating outfit ever!

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