No Promo Code Necessary


Editor's Note: As a retailer, we’re always testing news ways to enhance your shopping experience with us. Equally, we’re always listening to your feedback. We know you love our promotions and we’re excited to bring them back to you! Questions? Continue the conversation with us at

You may start to notice something different with our prices and promotions. We’re excited to give you better prices while providing the same amazing quality, exceptional fit, and on-trend fashion that you love.

You may have questions, so we’ve listed a few below. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at if you have a question not answered below or have thoughts that you’d like to bring up with a member of the ELOQUII team.

When will there be another ELOQUII sale?
We’ll still have sales, just not as frequently (we’ll make sure you know when they are happening, promise!) including many of our signature sale events like Black Friday & Cyber Monday, Semi Annual Clearance and more. We have better prices (and the exact same quality) so you can shop whenever—no promo code necessary.

Does this mean the quality of the clothes is going down?
Absolutely not.  Same quality, same fashion, same fit.  Nothing about our design or manufacturing process is changing. We design all of our styles in our NYC-area headquarters alongside our in-house technical design team that works hard to perfect the fit of each and every style.   

I liked your frequent promos, why the change?
We can now offer you the best fashion and quality at the better prices with no promo code needed. As a modern fashion brand, we don’t always want to be a percentage off and want you to love us for our fashion, fit and dedication to our customers.

How will your new prices compare?
Our prices are similar to what you would have paid with a promo code. In some instances you’ll end up paying less, sometimes a little more. But on average about the same.  

What about pricing in stores?
You’ll see us offer these new, lower prices, no promo code needed, online and in stores.

Can I still earn and use e-cash?
Yes, we will continue to have e-cash.

Still have questions? We’re here to help. Send us an email at and our team will get back to you shortly.

Natalie Shell