A Mother's Day Message from our #MODELTHAT Ambassadors

Happy Mother’s Day from our ELOQUII family to yours! We wanted to take this time to recognize the moms and maternal figures of the world — those who serve as role models, leaders, teachers, and friends every single day. Whether they are your mom, mentor, sister, aunt, best friend, godmother, or member of your support network. We turned to our amazing #MODELTHAT ambassadors and asked them how does their mom/maternal figures/female mentors in their life #MODELTHAT and inspire them everyday. Check out their responses below!


Akilah, mom of 4

“As a mother or a model figure I model, a heart that will demonstrate a positive attitude an example for my children, I model a mommy that will always express my self, whether it be through art, love, music, or what I wear. Being a model figure doesn't mean that you're perfect, being a model figure, is expressing the masterpiece that you are—no matter what imperfections the world may say.”



“I’m lucky to have so many amazing women in my life! Each one inspires me to reflect, make better decisions, and see the value in what really matters. I’m grateful for the unconditional love and support I receive from my mom, aunts, & mom-friends.”



“The amazing women in my life have taught me many lessons but most importantly what it means to be strong, humble and always confident in what I do! I owe it to all women like my mother who have paved the way and helped me get where I am today!”



“I love fashion and costume design because when I was growing up, there weren’t stores like ELOQUII that provided empowering and attractive styles for women.  The women in my family on both sides are fat and they don’t dress themselves with care or purpose. So a fashion line specifically for large women who want to dress and not hide themselves is literally why I do what I do.”


Latoya, mom of 1

As a mother, I am always reminding myself to be the best possible role model to my son by leading by example.  This requires for me to not only strive for personal excellence in my career or in how I treat others but how I respect myself.  As women, we tend to lose parts of our identity as we adopt roles as caretakers or in leadership. Preserving my inner peace, strength and femininity are essential to be warriors in our daily lives.  I want my son - and the world - to see a strong woman who not only exuberant but thriving vicariously through living her best life, even when things aren't perfect.

I am exceptionally grateful to not only have my own mother as a prominent figure in my life but a noteworthy tribe of women who took on roles to shaping the person that I am today.  My mother taught me strength through her passion for reading different literature and strong women like my neighbors and the female leaders of my childhood best friends took me on as if I was one of their own.  Even up unto this day, I am blessed to call these women family. They served as the extra aunts who sat on standby in my darkest moments and the older mentors that I never knew I needed to help me navigate through adulthood.  Even when I think back to my fourth grade teacher who I gave such a hard time and lectured me about glass ceilings that people of color, particularly women encounter in our daily lives, I am thankful for her words. Even when all of my mentors, especially my mother, thought I wasn't listening, I absorbed in every word and ounce of love that they showed me without any expectations.  Through their guidance, I feel like can conquer things that people consider impossible and even glass ceilings cannot prevent me from reaching the rooftop.



There is no way I would remotely be the person that I am without the confidence instilled in me by my mama. My mama exemplified humility. She was a realist. She was compassionate and sympathetic. She was the type of woman that many people called friend. She was the "big sister" of her siblings and the matriarch of our entire clan. She was the smartest person that I've ever known. From teaching me how to make homemade ice cream or sketching out the blueprint to remodel her kitchen, her knowledge always seemed endless. Its been six years since she gained her wings, and there is not a sun that rises nor sets that I do not hear her words and feel her spirit guiding me. She believed in me. She taught me that anything was possible. She allowed me to dream as big as my imagination would take me. She accepted me and let me know that I was fine just the way I was. She used to say " you can always lose weight, but you can't change ugly". And let's be clear, being ugly was more than how someone looks, it was their attitude.

My mama also taught me the beauty of friendship and "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you". Because of this I am just one ship in the sea of women that anchor me and the world around them. Women have poured into to me since my preschool teacher Ms. Bryant who insisted I was too smart for kindergarten and should be placed in first grade. In middle school, there was the infamous language arts phenom Mrs. Willie Bell-Gibson, who embodies every word of Maya Angelou's "Phenomenal Women". I can remember being in her class room watching Maya Angelou recite "On the Pulse of Morning" at the 1993 Presidential Inauguration. I will never forget how proud she was  as the tears rolled down her cheeks. Every single time I watch one of my sisters win at life, I feel the same joy I believe she had that day. I have a sister circle that prays with and for me, loves me unconditionally, chastises me when needed, and fills in the gaps. They are mothers, wives, doctors, educators, media moguls, nurses, strategists, politicians, marketing executives, engineers, scientists, philanthropists and my friends. I am who am because I'm surrounded by greatness. I cannot be small because my circle only does everything big. You are the company keep and I can say unequivocally that I am in great company.


Sarah, mom of 2

As a mom I #MODELTHAT as I try to be the voice of reason, story teller, advice giver, hand holder, teacher, peace keeper, cheerleader, nerve calmer, problem solver, comedian, supporter and all around superhero. 

No matter day or night - my mom is on standby ready to help me at a moment’s notice. She is my living angel.  No matter how old I am – sometimes a girl just needs her mom. She gives me strength, encouragement and is the first person to tell me “you rock.”

Do you have a maternal figure in your life that inspires you? Share your responses on social and tag us with #MODELTHAT

Natalie Shell