Blogger Spotlight: The Style Senders

We had a chance to catch up with Dara Senders of The Style Senders at New York Fashion Week! We love that she rocked ELOQUII basically every day of NYFW, but what we love even more is her chic, effortless style that combines structured pieces with feminine accents. Check out Dara in this week’s Blogger Spotlight!

ELOQUII: What inspires your personal style?

Dara: I really enjoy wearing classic pieces, like a smart pair of fitted pants, a chic turtleneck, or a well-tailored blazer for an effortlessly sophisticated look. I also love adding my ultra-girly personality into the mix with bright colors, pastels, florals, sequins, crystals, and fur - my love knows no bounds! What can I say, I was a huge theater kid. With all of that said, I believe that comfort is key! However, I’m not saying just wear sweatpants and t-shirts. It’s all about feeling good in your clothes and looking presentable and fashion-forward in what you are wearing - without trying too hard and without torturing yourself! It baffles me how many women walk around in 7-inch heels suffering just to look “fabulous.” In my book, no matter how trendy an item may be, if you’re not comfortable in it, don’t put yourself though all that discomfort! It will definitely show through in your demeanor and could potentially ruin a great style moment. I know first-hand that feeling comfortable and looking extraordinarily fabulous CAN go hand-in-hand!

E: Tell us about some of your favorite New York City spots!

D: While attending New York Fashion Week, there are definitely some hot spots I like to frequent. PJ Clarke's is great for a quick, easy & comforting bite with your blogger besties. Their burgers and iceberg wedge salads are what I usually crave at the end of a long day. The Smith is also great. The wait is usually longer, but if you’re going for the bowl of homemade potato chips and blue cheese fondue, it’s definitely worth it. Their endless supply of homemade seltzer is a plus, too. I really love lounging at the Empire Hotel in-between shows. It’s a very relaxing atmosphere that’s great for re-charging electronics and people-watching! You never know, you could be sipping a glass of iced tea at the bar lounge and see your favorite fashion stylist, blogger, or editor - and you wind up having a great conversation that leads to a lasting relationship. I also love staying at the Courtyard Marriott Residence Inn on 54th Street & Broadway! It has everything you need for a great stay in the Big Apple. Plus the rooms are pretty, modern, and the view in most of the rooms is otherworldly. When I’m not in NYC for NYFW, some of my favorite spots include The Olive Tree in the West Village (best falafel outside of Israel), The High Line (my happy place), Color Me Mine (When you want to get creative and bring the creativity home with you), Barneys (because what’s better than Barneys?), and Serendipity 3 (I’ve celebrated many happy occasions here that span almost my whole life and have made memories that will last a lifetime while sipping on their delicious & world renowned "Frozen Hot Chocolate"! Yummy!)

E: What are some tips for staying stylish when it’s so cold?

D: In my opinion layers are the best, but I really dislike feeling like I can’t move freely. What I usually do is wear a very warm coat paired with lots of warm accessories - a felt or wool hat, an infinity scarf, gloves (especially with the smart phone fingertips), etc. Also, if you want to wear a dress or skirt when its 30°F or lower, please wear tights! It’s really not smart to have your limbs exposed like that, plus it makes for a well-polished, sophisticated look while keeping your legs and feet warm.

Photo credit: Colby Blount

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