Tania Kolesnik


Happy New Year! We’re starting 2017’s Spotlight Series with a woman who immediately captured the hearts of our Eloquii team, Tania Kolesnik. With two beautiful children, a gorgeous home and an infectiously positive vibe, she’s a force.

As a mother, Tania needs ease when pulling a look together but that doesn’t mean “boring mom clothes.” She loves fashion and is always finding unique and fun ways to make something look “her.” From waist-cinched dresses to trendy denim, we specifically chose items she could wear on date nights with her husband and also baking with the kids—or “littles” as she lovingly calls them. - Jodi




The mother of two (adorable) children opens up about her struggles and successes—and how fashion helps all.


ania visited us on the week of her 5 year wedding anniversary. She and her husband met at age 14 (!) and after a close friendship, became high school sweethearts. They’ve done so much in their years together including raising their four year old son, Henri and two and half year old daughter, Magnolia. Not to mention fixing up a beautiful home outside of Toronto in Canada (peruse her Instagram and you’ll feel compelled to hashtag it all with #dreamlife).


Clothes have let me be so many different people in my life which I love & with each new phase it let’s me transition into my most up to date version of myself with confidence.



“I started blogging after the birth of my son. Being home all day with a newborn can be extremely isolating and social media and my blog helped. The more I shared personal stories, the more connected I became with my audience. That’s how we find each other in this crazy world of blogging, you share something you might otherwise not, and someone relates,” she explained. “I love being with people, I’m an extrovert but with chronic anxiety. I’ve also suffered from postpartum depression, I left it untreated for too long and it went deep. Releasing my feelings through my blog helped enormously. Sometimes I’d just sit down without direction for a post and just write.”

Homeschooling her children adds an entire other layer of responsibility to Tania’s weeks, and she’s found that getting dressed in something she feels great in can make her day immediately better. “Once you make the connection between the way you dress and the way you feel, you really appreciate taking time for fashion. Don’t tell yourself you can’t wear something. Take a chance.” Her family philosophy is testament to her strength of character: “Nothing is more important that your husband’s, your children’s, and your own emotional well being. Not a test at school, not a deadline at work, not a family function…nothing! When you treat mental health as your number 1 priority, the rest falls into place. Be an example as much as you can—talk about your struggles, seek help and stay open with your family. Little eyes are watching you and it’s all so important for them to learn!



My day-to-day uniform is a high-waisted jean, a cute top and sneakers.



Your style icons:
Ashley Graham is at the top. She’s so cool and we’re close-ish in age, even though she’s a supermodel and I’m a stay-at-home mom. I love Diane Keaton. Everything she wears: hats, blazers.

What’s the mantra you carry with yourself every day?
Let the good things happen. Living with anxiety and depression you can talk yourself out of things. Let people help. Help yourself.

What trends are you most excited to try in 2017?
Tassels. I’m obsessed. Velvet—in any form. All that layering of textures I love. And I’m trying not to be afraid of white. [/one_half]

Your vision for yourself 5 years from now...
I want to be the most confident I’ve ever been.  This shoot is wildly outside my comfort zone but I love showing my kids, “Oh look, nothing was perfect but I went for it.”

Was there a moment you discovered fashion?
If I’m being honest I’d say I rediscover fashion constantly! Whether it was playing in my gradnmother’s closet as a little girl, picking out the perfect outfit for a high school dance, or getting to dress my growing baby bump… and even now, discovering what makes me feel my best in my post baby body. Clothes have let me be so many different people in my life which I love and with each new phase it let’s me transition into my most up to date version of myself with confidence.





Favorite beauty products? Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer in nude and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit in Surreal Light, MAC lipstick in Runway Hit. And if I was on a desert island, I would have the Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm with me. It’s on me at all times.