Bree Wijnaar


Hearing from each of you, our customers, is without question the force that drives us to continue to innovate every single day. The fact that we have so many direct lines to you via social media is a true gift: It allows us to listen, react and of course learn more about you. It was through Instagram that we discovered this month’s spotlight subject, Bree Wijnaar, creator of The Tall Society. She’s got great natural style and is a self-professed “girly girl,” which means dresses are her go-to. Thankfully, spring’s around the corner and dresses are one of the things we just can’t get enough of right now, either. Get to know Bree and how she dresses for day, night and whatever’s in between, below. - Jodi


Bree Wijnaar, founder of The Tall Society, an online community for tall women worldwide, describes herself as being a “passionate, caring, fearless, innovative, loyal and a leader.” It sounds like an intimidating proposition but it is one she’s made good on ever since she started bringing women of height together via her blog, Instagram and IRL brunches.  At 6’4”, her confidence is palpable and part of why she’s been so successful at creating a community with stunning results.


“There wasn’t a community for tall women when I started The Tall Society. There were individual bloggers who were addressing the fashion angle but I felt there was room for more meaningful conversations about topics like dating and perception of height in the workplace—these conversations add so much value to our lives and we are here to facilitate discussions like these,” Bree explained. And fashion of course, is part of the equation as well.  “Dressing yourself at 6’4” is another interesting challenge I face daily, and so do my Tall Sisters.”  Bree’s got great style. “I’m a girly girl. I’m a dress person, I love dresses.

“I'm all for convenience—you need something that's work appropriate and transitions easily to evening. I could wear this to work with a jacket and remove the jacket for night.”


Wearing something that makes you feel great is critical in life and in business, but my relationship with clothes has been love/hate. It’s one thing to be tall and another to be tall and plus. After starting this journey with The Tall Society, I developed a direct line to retailers and established a voice that I use to advocate for the Tall community. We have so many more options today than 10 or 15 years ago—now I don’t have to compromise on fit.”

The Tall Society to date has over 20,000 Instagram followers and holds meet-up events across the US and soon Europe. It’s a supportive community, encouraging tall women to be confident and proud of their stature.  Bree has been humbled by how many women she’s heard from and how the community has helped their lives. “I have a folder in my mailbox titled ‘The Reason Why.’ This folder contains my proudest moments, emails from members of our community, sharing the impact our content or events has had on them.”

From mothers writing on behalf of their daughters ecstatic to have found a ‘home’ for them, to tall women who have learned to overcome their personal challenges thanks to the community Bree and her team have created, this folder is something Bree turns to any time she feels overwhelmed or needs a reminder as to why she’s been working two jobs: her day job and The Tall Society.

“I really believe I was meant to stand out. There are so many benefits to being tall. People remember you. I think it’s powerful to be a woman of height,” Bree explained. To that we have to say hear, hear. Our day with her was, to say the least, memorable.



“For a big part of my life, I had to compromise on fit and make due with the few options that were available. For someone expressive with fashion this was frustrating and saddening.”



Definition of success:
Finding your balance between health, happiness, pursuing personal passions, work and wealth. I am still trying to figure out what that ‘perfect’ mix looks like for me. I think this is deeply personal as we all have different priorities in life. I think once I find my balance, I would consider that success.

Style icons:
June Ambrose, love her style and her sense of humor.

Trend you can’t wait to try:
Those new silicone make-up applicators. Saw a video the other day about how you supposedly save tons of product. They got me, I’m intrigued and would like to try it.

Beauty product you can’t live without:
Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Some people would say it's a bit pricey but it lasts forever so it evens out.   I also swear by Aloe + Rosewater Face Toning Balance Mist from Little Barn Apothecary.  It just makes the world a better place!  I also use their Lavender + Frankincense Face Oil daily.



“I can’t wear anything that restricts movement. I'm an expressive person and I talk with my hands in the air. If anything is restricting me or too tight, I won't wear it.  I need to move around and be comfortable.”