Kelsey Miller

[eFrom the moment I met author Kelsey Miller, I knew two things instantly: 1. She’s as real as they come, and 2. We had to have her in this month’s Spotlight Series. This is a woman who is as open about figuring out what she wants out of life as she is about her new exploration into fashion. She’s game for anything and has an eye for what she likes. Hint: Our black lacey romper and skirt! - Jodi


Like straight talk? You’ll love Kelsey Miller.


“Big Girl” author talks second book, mindfulness and her favorite seltzer water in this month’s ELOQUII Spotlight Series.

Kelsey Miller made a splash when her memoir debuted last year. The hilarious and inspiring book – “Big Girl: How I Gave Up Dieting and Got a Life” (Grand Central Publishing) – was a moment her entire life had been leading up to. This includes her school-years reading obsession and early career in cinema screenwriting. “If my job wasn’t to write, I would still be writing anyway,” she says knowingly. When Kelsey’s not typing away in her Brooklyn apartment – amidst a sea of La Croix cans, she adds cheerfully – this oversharing realist is scheming her second book and planning her wedding.


My goal is to accept that life’s never going to look the way I thought it would look. I try to be present, be appreciative – even if my hair is a disaster.


These days, Kelsey’s uplifting and unfiltered voice emboldens her 20,000+ social media followers to embrace life’s twists and turns, too.

“Nothing is going to look 100% perfect. While I am a perfectionist, my goal is to accept that life’s never going to look the way I thought it would look. I try to be present, be appreciative – even if my hair is a disaster.” So you can get why we wanted Kelsey on set with us for Spotlight.

On camera-ready style She showed up to the photo shoot with a bombshell lob and a high comfort level in front of the camera. “I had a photo shoot last week and I have another one next week, too. It requires getting over the initial nerves, but eventually the fake laugh becomes real laughter. It was fun and the team worked so well together,” remembers Kelsey.

This shoot stood out to her for a few reasons. First, it was her fledging experience with an on-set wind machine(!) that kept her air lifted and her energy up. Second, the ELOQUII floral shorts with black lace trim that she asked to keep. “I’m obsessed,” she shares – also admitting to still be wearing it with grey tights and a long-sleeve tee the next day. As a writer, Kelsey styles her look mainly for her home office but she reinforces that her wardrobe is evolving.

She recalls, “For most of my life, I declared myself uninterested in fashion because, as I always said, ‘Fashion wasn't interested in me’. But the truth is: I always had a certain appreciation for it.” When she turned 30, everything changed.

That’s when her colleagues at Refinery29 pointed out that she did actually have a sense of style. This was just the push she needed to embrace fashion and dip a toe into exploring what personal style meant for her.

On Personal style “I’m pretty girly,” she shares. “In preschool I insisted on wearing the blue, full-skirted dress from Alice in Wonderland all the time and I thought it was the best outfit I’ve ever had. As I grew up, I loved baby doll dresses, which I just got back into after shutting out all that overt and subversive noise that tells you something’s not for you or your shape.” Unsurprisingly, her style icons include girly girls like Eloise and Marie Antoinette in addition to actresses Ali MacGraw and Mia Farrow. Knowing this, it’s pretty clear that Kelsey is a dress person.


“I’m just learning how to wear pants,” she says with a smile. “I was shopping for a wedding dress when I found out my waist is higher,” explains Kelsey, who now understands why she’s always had a penchant for the lengthening look. She predicts her closet will include more and more high-waisted pants and high-waisted swimsuits.


"If my job wasn’t to write, I would still be writing anyway."


On refreshing her closet With a newfound sense of pleasure around the idea of fashion, Kelsey is experimenting with color and cut in exciting ways. For one, she’s committed to wearing less black. Hello, bright printed dresses. Bonus: Her new lace skirt has washes of floral pinks and robin-egg blues. You can also expect to see her sporting more boatneck tops that show off one of her favorite features: her shoulders. This supports her only fashion rule: That she likes how a style looks and feels on her.

When she feels her best, she can tackle everything on her 2017 to-do list: working with NYC wedding vendors, writing another book, and hitting the gym mid-afternoon after finishing a pitch or article. No sweat, right? “The project of everyone’s life is to figure it out. I’m still figuring it out. But when you finish one thing, it makes you think you can finish all the things,” she shares.


What accessories are you in love with?
“I find one piece of jewelry and wear it for 6 or 10 years – until I find my next piece. Right now, that’s my engagement ring from November. It’s a custom ring with a tourmaline center stone and sapphires.”

How do you approach beauty?
“It’s something I do for fun and have a lot of fun with. There’s no amount of makeup you have to wear so it’s fun to play with without becoming reliant on.”

Favorite ELOQUII style in your closet?
“It’s a multicolor knee-length dress with bell sleeves and a tie at the neck that feels up to date enough for anything: dinner with my grandfather, out with friends or even to my friend’s wedding last fall.”

What’s something you’re most proud of?
Writing my book. It’s about stuff that so many of us have dealt with and changing my relationship to food, body, exercise and life.

Someone in your life who pointed you towards fashion?
“Connie Wang ( fashion features director at Refinery29 ) - she was one of the people around me every day who had such a blast with her style and gently reminded me that there were, in fact, a lot of great plus-size clothes out there.